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All abstracts by David Cooke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Potential Use of Industrial Wastes in the Treatment of Mine Wastes: A Case Study of Legacy Mine Sites in Tasmania
Moyo A, Parbhakar-Fox A, Meffre S & Cooke D

(2018) Carbonate Fluorescence and Carbonate Stable Isotopes Footprint Around Ferrobamba Cu-Skarn, Southern Peru
Garay A, Andrew B, Cooke D & Barker S

(2017) Platinum-Group Element Geochemistry Used to Determine Cu and Au Fertility in the Northparkes Igneous Suites, Australia
Hao H, Campbell I, Park J-W & Cooke D

(2015) Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry in Ore Deposit Research
Meffre S, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Cooke D & Gilbert S

(2013) Computer Modeling of Pb Apatites and their Potential for Reducing Pb Levels in Drinking Water
Cooke D & Hopwood J

(2013) Towards Understanding Magnetite Biomineralisation: The Effect of Short Chain Peptides on the {100} and {111} Magnetite Surfaces
Monnington A & Cooke D

(2013) Tectonic Evolution of the Cerro Casale Cu-Porphyry System, Chile: Implications for Mineralisation
Hollings P, Chen H & Cooke D

(2013) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Sutures and Clusters of Giant Porphyry Cu-(Au-Mo) Deposits
Cooke D & Piquer J

(2013) Development of Fertile Magma at El Teniente, Chile: Implications for Porphyry-Style Mineralisation
Baker M, Hollings P & Cooke D

(2011) Towards Modelling Biogenic Magnetite
Monnington A, Cooke D & Freeman C

(2009) The Influence of Ethanol Adsorption on the {10¯14} Calcite Surface
Sand K, Cooke D, Hassenkam T, Yang M, Makovicky E, Bechgaard K & Stipp S

(2009) Computer Modelling of the Interface between Alcohols and the (10.4) Calcite Surface
Gray R & Cooke D

(2009) Atomistic Simulation of the Crystallisation and Growth of Calcium Carbonate Nano-Particles
Cooke D & Elliott J

(2008) Characteristics and Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Ages of the A-Type Intrusive Rocks in Zongyang County, Anhui Province, East China
Fan Y, Zhou T, Yuan F & Cooke D

(2006) Tectonic triggers for giant porphyry and epithermal deposits of the circum-Pacific region
Cooke D, Hollings P & Walshe J

(2006) Sulfur isotopic zonation in the Cadia porphyry Au-Cu deposits, NSW
Cooke D, Wilson A, Harper B & Deyell C

(2006) Cracking the sulfate isotopic determination problem in ancient hydrothermal systems: a pilot assessment of the use of the carbonate-associated sulfate (CAS) method
Davidson G, Cooke D, Deyell C & Wilson A

(2006) Geochemistry of the Xiangquan Thallium Deposit, China
Zhou T & Cooke D

(2006) Four million years of thermal history - the Bajo de la Alumbrera porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Argentina
Harris A, Cooke D, Dunlap J, Reiners P, Allen C, White N & Campbell I

(2006) Modelling Structure and Transport at Mineral Interfaces at the Atomic Level
Parker S, Cooke D, Marmier A, Martin P, Spagnoli D, Sayle D & Watson G

(2005) Atomistic Simulation of the Mineral-Water Interface in Contact with Charged Surfaces
Cooke D, Kerisit S, Marmier A & Parker S

(2005) Non-Stoichiometric Mineral Surfaces: ab Initio Phase Diagrams
Parker S, Cooke D, Kerisit S & Marmier A

(2004) Computer Modeling of the Free Energy of Adsorption at the Mineral – Aqueous Interface
Cooke D, Kerisit S & Parker S

(2004) Non-Stoichiometric Surfaces of Minerals: ab Initio Phase Diagrams
Cooke D, Kerisit S, Marmier A & Parker S

(2004) Geochemistry of Arsenic Rich Shallow Groundwaters in Cambodia
Polya D, Rowland H, Gault A, Diebe N, Jones J & Cooke D

(2003) Spatial and Temporal Relationships between Hydrothermal Alteration Assemblages at the Palinpinon Geothermal Field, Philippines
Rae A, Cooke D, Phillips D, Yeats C, Ryan C & Hermoso D

(2002) Magmatic Fluids Coexisting with Felsic Melts: An Example from Rio Blanco Rhyolite, Chile
Davidson P, Kamenetsky V, Hollings P, Cooke D & Frikken P

(2002) Segregation of Isovalent Impurities to the {00.1} and {01.2} Surfaces of Hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) Using Atomistic Simulations
Cooke DJ & Parker SC

(2001) Atomistic Simulation of Mineral Interfaces
Parker SC, Cooke DJ & de Leeuw NH

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