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All abstracts by Katherine Allen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Deep-Sea Oxygen Depletion and Ocean Carbon Sequestration during the Last Ice Age
Anderson R, Sachs J, Fleisher M, Allen K, Yu J, Koutavas A & Jaccard S

(2018) Clues on Pacific Ocean Carbon Cycle & Circulation Dynamics Since the Last Glacial Maximum from Southern Hemisphere Depth Transects
Sikes E, Clementi V, Allen K & Lund D

(2017) Revisiting Mg Isotopic Fractionation in Foraminifera
Sadekov A, Langer G, Misra S, Lloyd N, Kaczmarek K, Mewes A, Holland K, Eggins S, Allen K, Bijma J & McCulloch M

(2017) How Confident can We be in Foraminifer Shell Mg/Ca Thermometry?
Holland K, Eggins S, Spero HJ, Hönisch B, Allen KA, Haynes LL & Russell AD

(2017) The Benthic Mg/Ca Temperature Proxy: A Uvigerina Core-Top Calibration and Deglacial Record from the Southwest Pacific
Stirpe C, Allen K & Sikes E

(2017) Rapid Changes in Pacific Seawater Carbonate Chemistry during the Last Glacial Termination
Allen K, Sikes E & Anderson R

(2017) Dueling Transects Show Enhanced δ13C and δ18O Differences between the South Atlantic and South Pacific during the Last Glaciation: The Deep Gateway Hypothesis
Sikes E, Allen K & Lund D

(2014) Ventilation and Stratification of the Southwest Pacific Ocean Across the Last Glacial Termination
Sikes E, Elmore A, Cook M, Allen K & Guilderson T

(2012) Influence of Seawater Carbonate Chemistry on B/Ca in Cultured Planktic Foraminifera
Allen K, Hoenisch B, Eggins S & Rosenthal Y

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