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All abstracts by James A.D. Connolly in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Silicate Fluid Thermodynamics in the Aftermath of Giant Impacts
Green E, Connolly J & Artacho E

(2013) A Potential Geothermometer for Antigorite Serpentinite
López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V, Padrón-Navarta JA, Hermann J, Connolly JA, Garrido CJ, Gómez-Pugnaire MT & Marchesi C

(2013) The Genesis of Enstatite Chondrites and the Earth
Javoy M & Connolly J

(2012) Potential of Microbiologically Induced Mineralisation to Increase Geologic CO2 Storage Security
Mitchell A, Phillips A, Lauchnor E, Connolly J, Schultz L, Cunningham A & Gerlach R

(2009) MC<sup>3</sup>: Mass Conservation, Metamorphic Changes and Modelling Consequences
Hetényi G, Connolly J, Godard V & Cattin R

(2009) Mineral Reactions and Melt Generation in Metapelites: Insights from Torsion Experiments and Thermodynamical Modelling
Tumarkina E, Misra S, Burlini L & Connolly J

(2009) The Impact of Large Scale Contact Metamorphism on Global Climate
Aarnes I, Svensen H, Polteau S, Connolly JAD & Podladchikov Y

(2009) Towards Self-Consistent Modelling of the Martian Dichotomy: Coupled Models of Simultaneous Core and Crust Formation
Golabek G, Keller T, Gerya T & Connolly J

(2009) On Mantle Chemical and Thermal Heterogeneities and Anisotropy as Mapped by Inversion of Global Surface Wave Data
Khan A, Boschi L & Connolly J

(2009) Infuence of MORB Bulk Composition on 3-D Spherical Models of Thermo-Chemical Mantle Convection with Self-Consistently Calculated Mineral Physics
Nakagawa T, Tackley P, Deschamp F & Connolly J

(2008) Thermodynamic Modelling of Cr-Bearing Garnets in Diamond-Bearing Peridotites
Klemme S, Ivanic T, Connolly J & Harte B

(2007) Volcanic Arc Development due to Intraoceanic Subduction: Numerical Model
Nikolaeva K, Gerya TV & Connolly J

(2007) Melting and Mixing Processes in Mantle Wedges
Gorczyk W, Gerya TV, Connolly JAD, Burg J-P & Yuen DA

(2007) Effects of Self-Consistently-Calculated Thermodynamic Properties in Thermo-Chemical Multiphase Mantle Convection in a 3D Spherical Shell
Nakagawa T, Tackley P, Deschamps F & Connolly J

(2007) Equlibrium Experiments and Theoretical Studies in the MgO-SiO2-H2O System at High Pressures: Clarification of Stabilities and Thermodynamic Properties of Phase A, Clinohumite and Chondrodite
Melekhova E, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P, Connolly JAD & Dorogokupets PI

(2002) Quantification of Subduction Zone Metamorphic Devolatilization from Computed High Pressure Phase Equilibria
Kerrick DM & Connolly JAD

(2000) Metamorphic Decarbonation and CO2 Release in Subduction Zones: Implications to Fluid Fluxes and Volatile Recycling
Kerrick D & Connolly J

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