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All abstracts by Ricardo Amils in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Analysis of Microorganisms-Mineral Interaction in the Deep Subsurface of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Escudero C, del Campo A, Ares JR, Sánchez C, Amils R & Rodríguez N

(2018) Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation and Heavy Metal Precipitation in Rio Tinto (Spain)
Abramov S, Grimm L, Schädler F, Tejada J, Bulaev A, Thorwarth H, Amils R, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) Anaerobic Oxidation of Metal Sulfides in the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Amils R

(2016) Physicochemical Context Synthesis for the MASE Mars Analogue Sites
Monaghan E, Ehrenfreund P, Cockell C, Schwendner P, Rettberg P, Belbo-Vranesevic K, Bohmeier M, Rabbow E, Westall F, Gaboyer F, Walter N, Moissl-Eichinger C, Perras A, Gomez F, Amils R, Garcia L, Marteinsson V & Vannier P

(2014) Mineralogy and Geochemistry in the Subsurface of Rio Tinto
Sanchez-Roman M, Amils R, Rodriguez N & Fernandez D

(2013) Biogeochemistry of Acidic Lakes in the Iberian Pyritic Belt
Omoregie E, Santofimia E, López-Pamo E, Wegener G, Böttcher M, Escher P, Struck U, Aguilera Á & Amils R

(2013) Biomineralization of Jarosite by Purpureocillium lilacinum, an Acidophilic Fungi Isolated from Río Tinto
Oggerin M, Tornos F, Rodríguez N, del Moral C, Sánchez-Román M & Amils R

(2013) Carbonate Biomineralization Under Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions by a Novel Deep Subsurface Bacterial Isolate
Puente-Sánchez F, Sánchez-Román M, Rodríguez N, Fernández-Remolar D, Parro V & Amils R

(2013) Geochemical and Microbial Signals Related to Carbonate Formation in the Subsurface of Rio Tinto
Sánchez-Román M, Fernandez-Romar D, Puente-Sánchez F, Parro Garcia V, Rodriguez N & Amils R

(2013) Acid Rock Drainage in Antarctica – Importance for Global Iron Cycling in the Southern Ocean
Dold B, Gonzalez-Toril E, Aguilera A, Lopez-Pamo E, Cisternas ME & Amils R

(2012) Extreme Microbial Sulphur Isotpe Fractionation in a Mars Analogue Environment at Rio Tinto, SW Spain
Velasco E, Mason P, Vroon P, Roling W, Amils R & Davies G

(2011) Microbial Sulphur Isotope Fractionation in a Mars Analogue Environment at Rio Tinto, SW Spain
Velasco E, Mason P, Vroon P, Roling W, Amils R & Davies G

(2010) Microbial Mediation of Fe-Mg-Ca Carbonates in Acidic Environments (Rio Tinto): Field Studies vs Culture Experiments
Sánchez-Román M, Fernández-Remolar D, Amils R & Rodriguez N

(2009) A Biomarker-Based Approach to Assess the Microbial Diversity and Functioning in an Extreme Acidic Environment: The Río Tinto, Spain
Bühring S, Harms C, Lipp J, Schubotz F, Amils R & Hinrichs K-U

(2009) Preservation Under the Río Tinto Extreme Acidic Conditions and a Potential Location on Aram Chaos, Mars
Fernández-Remolar D, Johnson E, Clelan T, Lichtenberg K, Menor-Salvan C, Schweitzer M, Amils R, Parro V & Arvidson R

(2008) Biomarkers Preserved in Fluid Inclusions in Quartz from the Berbes Fluorite Deposit (N Spain)
Menor-Salván C, Tornos F, Ruiz-Bermejo M, Fernández-Remolar D & Amils R

(2008) Precipitation of Subsurface Carbonates Under Acidic Surface Conditions on Mars: A Terrestrial Perspective
Fernández-Remolar D, Amils R, Prieto-Ballesteros O, Gómez-Ortíz D & Gómez F

(2008) Critical Influence of Biogenic Sulfur in the Genesis of Giant VHMS, Iberian Pyrite Belt
Fernández-Remolar D, Menor-Salván C, Ruíz-Bermejo M, Amils R & Fernando T

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