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All abstracts by Rosalind Coggon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Molybdenum Isotopes in the Altered Oceanic Crust, a Novel Proxy for Recycling?
Vils F, Elliott T, Willbold M, Harris M, Smith-Duque C, Coggon R & Teagle D

(2010) Rapid Uptake of Calcium Carbonate during Ridge Flank Hydrothermal Circulation Reflects Past Oceanic Conditions
Teagle D, Coggon R, Palike H, Alt J & Smith-Duque C

(2009) An Experimental Study of Fe Isotope Fractionation between Silicate Melt and Spinel
Doyle P, Berry A, Coggon R & Weyer S

(2009) Constraints on Hydrothermal Fluid Fluxes from Tl Geochemistry
Coggon R, Rehkämper M, Atteck C & Teagle D

(2009) Reconstructing Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry Through Analysis of Vein Minerals
Turchyn A, Alt J, Brown S, DePaolo D, Coggon R, Chi G, Skulski T & Bedard J

(2007) Reconstructing the Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca History of Seawater from Ocean Ridge-Flank Hydrothermal Carbonate Veins
Teagle D, Coggon R, Smith-Duque C, Alt J & Cooper M

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