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All abstracts by Christophe Cloquet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Isotopes Geochemistry as a Tool to Understand the Environmental Impact of Ore Mineral Deposits
Cloquet C, Zhu C, Wen H & Zhang Y

(2018) Ni Isotopic Fractionation at the Interface with Mineral Phases
Zelano IO, Montarges-Pelletier E, Gley R, Fraysse F, Cloquet C & Landrot G

(2018) Combining Isotopic and Speciation Signatures to Study Zn Behavior in Rivers
Cloquet C, LeMeur M, Kanbar H, Dong S & Montargès-Pelletier E

(2017) Isotopic and Modelling Constraints on Experimental Dissolution of Lithogenic Material
Estrade N, Fabre S, Cloquet C, Probst A & Jeandel C

(2017) A New Compilation of Element Concentrations in the Natural River Water Standard SLRS-6 (NRC-Cnrc)
Yeghicheyan D, Aubert D, Bouhnik-Le Coz M, Chmeleff J, Delpoux S, Djouraev I, Granier G, Lacan F, Piro J-L, Rousseau T, Cloquet C, Marquet A, Menniti C, Pradoux C, Freydier R, Vieira da Silva-Filho E & Suchorski K

(2017) Dynamic of Ni in the Environment Seen by the Isotopes
Cloquet C, Zelano I & Mestrot A

(2017) Nickel Isotopic Fractionation and the Role of Hyperaccumulating Plants
Zelano IO, Cloquet C, Echevarria G, van der Ent A, Fraysse F & Montarges-Pelletier E

(2016) Ni Isotopic Fractionation due to Interaction with Small Organic Acids and Purified Humic Acids
Zelano IO, Cloquet C, Montarges-Pelletier E, Fraysse F & Dong S

(2016) Investigation of Using Ni Isotopes as Anthropogenic Source Tracer in River Sediments: A Preliminary Study
Dong S, Cloquet C, Montargès-Pelletier E & Zelano I

(2016) Experimental Dissolution of Lithogenic Material into Freshwater and Seawater
Estrade N, Fabre S, Quitté G, Zambardi T, Yin N, Cloquet C, Probst A & Jeandel C

(2016) Identifying the Anthropogenic Sources in River Sediments with Zn and Pb Isotope Signatures: A Case Study in Northeast France
Dong S, Cloquet C, Montarges-Pelletier E, Kanbar H & Mansuy-Huault L

(2015) Hg Isotopes at the K-Pg Boundary
Meier MMM, Cloquet C, Marty B, Ferrière L & Koeberl C

(2015) Zinc and Pb Isotope Signatures Suggest Change in Lake Sediment Source in Response to Global Warming
Dong S, Cloquet C & Pienitz R

(2015) Are Metal Stable Isotopes a Useful Tracer for Ecosystem Processes?
Cloquet C

(2014) Nickel and Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Hyperaccumulating and Non-Hyperaccumulating Plants
Deng T, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Tang Y, Echevarria G, Morel J-L, Qiu R & Estrade N

(2014) Nickel Isotope Fractionation in the Soil-Plant System of Ultramafic Environments
Estrade N, Cloquet C, Deng T, Echevarria G, Sterckeman T & Morel J-L

(2014) Elemental and Isotopic Study of Lake Sediments: Evidence for Long-Term Anthropogenic Perturbations
Cloquet C, Aebischer S, Pienitz R, Maurice C & Carignan J

(2013) Tracing Antropogenic Hg Emissions in an Urban Area in Northeastern France
Estrade N, Cloquet C, Amouroux D, Tessier E, Donard O & Carignan J

(2013) Origin of Laminations in BIF Deciphered from N and Fe Isotopes
Hashizume K, Pinti D, Orberger B, Cloquet C, Jayananda M & Soyama H

(2013) Nickel Isotope Fractionation in the Soil to Hyper-Accumulating Plant System
Estrade N, Cloquet C, Deng T, Echevarria G, Sterckeman T & Morel JL

(2012) Zn Isotopes Variation in Field Hyperaccumulator Plant Species
Tang YT, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Morel JL, Carignan J, Qiu RL & Echevarria G

(2011) On the Way to Medical Diagnosis Based on the Isotopic Analyis of Metabolically Relevant Transition Metals
Van Heghe L, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Verstraete A, Van Vlierberghe H, Cloquet C & Vanhaecke F

(2011) Mercury Isotope Fractionation during Bio-Accumulation in Lichens
Estrade N, Carignan J & Cloquet C

(2011) Zn Mobility during Oceanic Crust Alteration Inferred by its Isotopic Composition
Cloquet C, Carignan J & France-Lanord C

(2009) Zn Isotopic Variation in Human Hair and Finger Nails
Cloquet C, Carignan J & Vanhaecke F

(2009) The Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric Zinc
Carignan J & Cloquet C

(2008) Covariation of Nitrogen and Iron Isotopic Ratios in a Banded Iron Formation
Hashizume K, Soyama H, Cloquet C, Pinti DL, Rouchon V, Orberger B & Jayananda M

(2007) Pb Elemental Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions in Environmental Survey: Is Lichen Transplantation Efficient ?
Cloquet C, De Muynck D & Vanhaecke F

(2007) Reconstructing Ancient Commercial Routes between the Roman Empire and the Indian Subcontinent via Lead Isotope Ratio Analysis
De Muynck D, Delrue P, Cloquet C & Vanhaecke F

(2006) Biomarkers in Archaean banded iron formations from Pilbara and Dhawar Craton
Orberger B, Pinti DL, Cloquet C, Hashizume K, Soyama H, Jayananda M, Massault M, Gallien JP, Wirth R & Rouchon V

(2004) Cd Isotopic Composition of Geological / Environmental Reference Materials and Anthropogenic Samples
Cloquet C, Carignan J, Rouxel O & Libourel G

(2002) High Precision Cadmium Isotopic Measurements by MC ICP-MS
Cloquet C, Carignan J & Libourel G

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