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All abstracts by John B, Cliff in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Unique Sulfur Isotope Signatures in Neoarchean Carbonates
Zhelezinskaia I, Farquhar J, Kaufman J & Cliff J

(2014) A 3480 Ma Pyritised Microbial Mat, Dresser Formation, Western Australia
Wacey D, Noffke N, Saunders M, Kong C, Cliff J, Barley M & Farquhar J

(2013) 16O1H Signal as an Indication of Metamict O-Contamination in Zircon
Cliff J, Pidgeon B & Nemchin A

(2013) Geochemistry and Nano-Structure of Putative Filamentous Microbes from the 3.24 Ga Sulfur Springs Group, Pilbara, Western Australia
Wacey D, Saunders M, Kilburn M, Cliff J, Kong C, Barley M & McLoughlin N

(2013) Application of Multiple S-Isotope Studies to Understanding Early Earth Environments and Biology
Farquhar J, Cliff J & Zerkle A

(2013) Sources of Sulfur and Sulfur Preservation in Subducted Rocks: An in situ Sulfur Isotope Study
Evans K, Tomkins A & Cliff J

(2013) Evidence of Sulfur Degassing in Komatiite-Hosted Ni-Pge Ores
Caruso S, Moroni M, Isaac C, Fiorentini ML, Barnes SJ, Wing B & Cliff J

(2011) Serpentine and Brucite Intergrowths: Effects on ╬┤11B
Mothersole F, Evans K & Cliff J

(2011) Is the Oxygen Isotope Composition of Zircon Robust Against Aqueous Alteration?
Lenting C, Geisler T, Cliff JB, Kilburn MR & Nemchin AA

(2005) Microbial C and N Assimilation in Soils and Model Systems as Revealed by TOF-SIMS
Cliff J, Gaspar D, Bottomley P & Myrold D

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