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All abstracts by Christelle Claude in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Study of the Chemical Fluxes Associated with SGD in Several Hotspots along the French Mediterranean Coastline
van Beek P, Tamborski J, Bejannin S, Petrova M, Souhaut M, Lacan F, Stieglitz T, Radakovitch O, Claude C, Pujo-Pay M, Conan P, Crispi O, Garcia-Orellana J & Heimburger L-E

(2017) Seawater Recirculation Versus Karstic Groundwater Driven DSi Fluxes to a Coastal Mediterranean Lagoon
Tamborski J, Bejannin S, Souhaut M, Garcia-Orellana J, Claude C, Stieglitz T, Pujo-Pay M, Conan P, Crispi O, Monnin C & van Beek P

(2015) Estimation of the Air-Sea Radon Exchange Coefficient in Shallow Area
Cockenpot S, Claude C & Radakovitch O

(2011) Ecological Impact of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Mediterranean Lagoon: Correlations between Radon, Radium and Nitrate in the Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain
Claude C, Baudron P, Mayer A, Gilabert J, Martinez-Vincente D, Radakovitch O, Leduc C, Garcia-Arostegui J-L & Cabezas-Calvo-Rubio F

(2011) Uranium-Series Mobility during Spheroidal Weathering of 300 kyrs Old Basalt (La Réunion Island)
Claude C, Meunier J-D, Traoré D, Chabaux F, Hamelin B & Colin F

(2010) A Multi Tracer Study of Groundwater Origin and Transit-Time in the Fore Deep Basin of the Southern Alps
Mayer A, Sueltenfuss J, Travi Y, Rebeix R, Conchetto E, Le Gal La Salle C, Miche H, Purtschert R & Claude C

(2007) A Radium and Radon Investigation of the Submarine Estuary Under Venice
Gattacceca JC, Mayer A, Claude C, Radakovitch O & Hamelin B

(2004) Intercomparison of New Th Isotopic Standards: Preliminary Results
Innocent C, Bollinger C, Chabaux F, Claude C, Durand N, Le faouder A, Kiefel B & Pomiès C

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