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All abstracts by Cornelia Class in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Meter-Scale Chemical Interaction between Pyroxenite-Derived Melts and Mantle Peridotites in the Northern Apennine Ophiolites (Italy)
Borghini G, Rampone E, Zanetti A, Class C, Cipriani A, Hofmann A, Goldstein S & Godard M

(2012) Origin of the Bilateral Structure of Pacific Plume Conduits
Farnetani C, Hofmann A & Class C

(2011) Pyroxenites in Peridotites from External Liguride Ophiolites (Italy): Insights on Small Scale Heterogeneities in MORB Mantle
Borghini G, Rampone E, Zanetti A, Class C, Cipriani A, Hofmann A & Goldstein S

(2011) Plate- Versus Plume-Driven Processes – South Atlantic DUPAL Revisited
Class C & le Roex A

(2011) Displaced Helium in Tilted Mantle Plumes
Hofmann AW, Farnetani C, Spiegelman M & Class C

(2009) Dynamics of Secondary Plumes
Farnetani C, Fourel L & Class C

(2009) Shona and Discovery Seamount Chains, South Atlantic: Superplume Source Constraints
Class C & le Roex A

(2008) Is Plume Shape Variability Real? Evidence from Tristan-Gough-Discovery
Class C, le Roex AP, Rollins N, Long D, Goldstein SL, Cai Y, van de Flierdt T & Perfit MR

(2007) Is D′′ a Low-Mu Reservoir?
Hofmann A, Goldstein S & Class C

(2007) Re-establishing Recycled Sediment in Mantle Plumes – Evidence from Gough Island
Class C, le Roex A, Long D & Goldstein S

(2006) How fast do volcanic arcs establish steady-state?
Schmidt A, Straub SM, Goldstein SL & Class C

(2005) Evolution of Helium Isotopes in the Earth‚s Mantle
Class C & Goldstein S

(2004) Mantle and Lower Crustal Xenoliths from NW Namibia and Constraints on Etendeka Flood Basalt Formation
Class C & le Roex A

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