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All abstracts by Ian D. Clark in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Carbon-Cycling in Lake Untersee, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
Marsh NB, Lacelle D, Clark ID, Faucher B & Andersen DT

(2018) CH4 Clumped Isotope Signatures in an Ordovician Aquiclude: Insight into Methanogenic N-Alkanes Degradation
Jautzy JJ, Douglas PMJ, Eiler JM & Clark ID

(2016) Magnesium Isotopes as an Environmental Tracer to Assess Solute Migration within a Deep-Seated Sedimentary Aquiclude
Cotroneo S, Jensen M & Clark ID

(2016) Comparison of 14C Isotope-Based Correction Methods for Quantifying Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degradation Rates
Wozney A, Clark I & Mayer KU

(2014) Chemistry of Primary High Temperature Uranium Minerals from Central Jordan
Khoury H, Sokol E & Clark I

(2013) The Fate of Iodine-129 Released from the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Accident
Herod MN, Suchy M, Clark ID, Kieser WE & Graham G

(2012) Anammox Activity in Contaminated Groundwater Having High Ammonium and Nitrate Concentrations
Xing Y, Tekin E, Fortin D, Timlin R & Clark I

(2012) Isotopic Constraints on Water and Carbon Fluxes in Langat Basin, Peninsular Malaysia: A Reconnaissance Study
Syakir M, Clark I & Veizer J

(2012) Input and Transport of 129I in the Canadian Arctic: Evidence of a Fukushima Pulse
Herod MN, Clark ID, Kieser WE & Zhao X-L

(2012) A High-Resolution Paleoclimate Reconstruction Using C and N Isotopes in a Subarctic Environment, Northern Canada
Griffith F, Clark I, Patterson T, Macumber A, Galloway J & Falck H

(2012) Understanding the Origin of Porewater Geochemical Profiles in the Michigan Basin, Southwest Ontario
Al T, Clark I, Kennell L, Raven K & Jensen M

(2012) Biogenic Methane and Bacterial Community Structure in Ordovician Shales, Michigan Basin, Ontario
Ilin D, Mohammadzadeh H, Poulain A & Clark I

(2012) Estimation of He Diffusion Coefficients in Low Permeability Sedimentary Rocks
Mohapatra R, Al T & Clark I

(2012) Generating Pore Fluid Isotope and Solute Profiles in Exceptionally Low Permeability Rocks
Agosta S, Hanna D, Liu I & Clark I

(2012) Analysis of Carbon Cycling within a Malaysian Watershed
Lee K, Veizer J & Clark I

(2012) An Absorption Method for Porewater Characterization in Low Permeability Sedimentary Rocks
Celejewski M, Al T, Clark I & McKelvie J

(2011) Geochemistry of Fluids from the Bruce Nuclear Site: Evidence for a Geologically Ancient Ordovician Porewater System
Kennell L, Al T, Clark I & Jensen M

(2011) Helium in Michigan Basin Sediments: A Tracer for Pore Fluid Migration and Age
Mohapatra R, Clark I, Jackson R, Raven K & Jensen M

(2010) Geochemical and Isotope Tracers in Pore Waters from Low Permeability Paleozoic Strata of the Michigan Basin of Southwest Ontario
Clark I, Liu I, Mohammadzadeh H, Mohapatra R, Jackson R, Heagle D & Raven K

(2009) Tritium-Helium Dating of a TCE-Contaminated Aquifer for Model Validation
Murphy S & Clark I

(2009) Microbial and Geochemical Controls on Bacteriogenic Iron Oxide Formation and Fate
Gault A, Ibrahim A, Langley S, Renaud R, Takahashi Y, Boothman C, Lloyd J, Clark I, Ferris G & Fortin D

(2008) Noble Gases in Permafrost Perrenial Groundwater Springs, Fishing Branch River, Yukon, Canada
Utting N, Clark I, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Wieser M

(2008) Stability of Natural Bacteriogenic Iron Oxides (BIOS) and their Role in Sr Cycling
Fortin D, Langley S, Gault A, Ibrahim A, Ferris FG & Clark ID

(2008) Sulphur Isotopes in Carbonatites & Associated Silicate Rocks from the Superior Province, Canada
Farrell S, Clark I & Bell K

(2003) Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis of DOC in Landfill Leachate
Mohammadzadeh H, Marschner M, Clark I, St-Jean G & Middlestead P

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