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All abstracts by Tatiana Churikova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Origin of Magmatism of the Sredinny Range, Kamchatka, Constrained by Noble Gas Isotopes
Fukagawa M, Volynets A, Sumino H, Churikova T, Pevzner M & Taran Y

(2020) Differences of the Crystallization and Diffusion Trends by Fo-Ni Variations
Gordeychik B, Churikova T, Shea T, Andreas K, Simakin A & Wörner G

(2018) The Impact of Melting of Metasomatized Subarc Mantle on the B Isotope Systematics of Arc Volcanics
Tomanikova L, Savov I, Harvey J, De Hoog C-J, Churikova T & Gordeychik B

(2018) Tracing Fluid Variations Across the Kamchatka Arc: Melt Inclusion Volatile Contents and B Isotopes
Iveson A, Humphreys M, Savov I, Churikova T & Macpherson C

(2016) Geochemistry of High-Mg Andesitic Rocks in NE Kamchatka
Nishizawa T, Nakamura H, Churikova T, Gordeychik B, Ishizuka O, Bogdan V, Ueki K, Toyama C & Iwamori H

(2009) Mantle Sources and Fluids in the Northern Kamchatka Back Arc
Volynets A, Churikova T & Wörner G

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