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All abstracts by Sun-Lin Chung in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Evolution of SE China: A Record in the Palawan Continental Terrane, Philippines
Walia M, Knittel U, Yang TF, Chung S-L, Dimalanta CB & Yumul GP

(2013) Magma Components of the Gangdese Batholith, Southern Tibet: Decoded by Zircon Hf and O Isotopes
Chu M-F, Chung S-L, Li X-H, Lee H-Y & O'Reilly SY

(2013) Geochemical Characteristics and Petrogenesis of Cenozoic Igneous Rocks in the Georgian Caucasus
Chang Y-H, Chung S-L, Okrostsvaridze A & Javakhishvili Z

(2013) Age and Geochemical Constraints on the Genesis of Late Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks in Central Myanmar
Lee H-Y, Chung S-L, Yang H-M, Chu C-H, Lo C-H & Mitchell AHG

(2013) Two Neo-Tethyan Magmatic Suites of Distinctive Geochemical Features in Burma and Southern Tibet: Zircon U-Pb and Hf Constraints with Regional Tectonic Implications
Lin T-H, Chung S-L, Mitchell A, Thura O, Tang R-T & Wu F-Y

(2012) Petrogenesis of Paleogene Basaltic Rocks Drilled from Western Taiwan: Insight to Rifting at the SE Asian Continental Margin
Wang K-L, Chung S-L, Lo Y-M, Lo C-H, Yang H-J, Shinjo R & Lee T-Y

(2012) Characteristics of Late Mesozoic Granitic Rocks in SW Corner of Southern Vietnam
Lan C-Y, Usuki T, Nguyen TA, Tran PH, Ngo TTQ, Chung S-L & Mertzman SA

(2011) Fragments of Hot and Metasomatized Mantle Lithosphere Sampled by Mid-Miocene Ultrapotassic Lavas, Southern Tibet
Liu C-Z, Wu F-Y, Chung S-L & Zhao Z-D

(2011) Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Constraints on the Magmatic and Tectonic Evolution in Iran
Chiu H-Y, Chung S-L, Zarrinkoub MH, Lin I-J, Yang H-M, Lo C-H, Lee H-Y, Pang K-N, Mohammadi SS & Khatib MM

(2010) Slab Melting and its Implications for Copper Ore Mineralization and Future Exploration
Sun W, Ling M, Chung S-L, Ding X & Yang X

(2009) The Association of Adakite with Cu (Au) Deposits
Ling M, Sun W, Chung S-L & Yang X

(2009) Magmatic Geochemistry and Geotectonic Configuration of the Southern Okinawa Trough and the Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone
Shinjo R, Hokakubo S, Chung S-L & Wang K-L

(2008) Early Cretaceous Comei Large Igneous Province in SE Tibet: Whole-Rock Sr-Nd and Zircon Hf Isotopic Constraints on Mantle Source Characteristics
Zhu D-C, Mo X-X, Zhao Z-D, Niu Y & Chung S-L

(2008) Detrital Provenance Analysis of the River Sediments of Taiwan
Lan C-Y, Usuki T, Tseng C-Y & Chung S-L

(2002) Crustal Evolution of SE Asia: A Perspective from Vietnam
Lan C-Y, Chung S-L, Lo C-H & Lee T-Y

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