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All abstracts by Moonsup Cho in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Fluid-Fluxed Partial Melting of the Buncheon Granitic Gneiss in the Yeongnam Massif, Korea: Protracted (ca. 1.86–1.84 Ga) Reworking of the Paleoproterozoic Korean Arc
Lee Y, Cho M & Kim J

(2016) Geochemistry of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusion in the Baekdusan (Changbaishan) Basalts: Contribution from the Subducted paleo-Pacific Slab to the Mantle Source
Choi H-O, Choi SH, Schiano P, Cho M, Cluzel N & Ha K

(2015) Deformation Mechanisms and Plagioclase Aggregates in Mylonitized Quartzofeldspathic Gneisses
Kim T & Cho M

(2015) Geochemical Characteristics of the Latest Eruptions in the Ulleung Island, Korea
Kim J, Cho M, Tanaka R & Nakamura E

(2013) Geochronological Evidence of Rapid Progression of Regional Metamorphism in Hida Metamorphic Complex, Southwest Japan
Horie K, Takehara M, Tsutsumi Y & Cho M

(2011) Intracratonic Carboniferous Granites in the Paleoproterozoic Crust of Lithuania: New SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Ages
Vejelyte I, Yi K, Cho M, Kim N & Lee T-H

(2009) Rapid Progression of Kyanite-Sillimanite Type Metamorphism in the Unazuki Area, Southwest Japan
Horie K, Tsutsumi Y, Cho M, Hidaka H & Morishita Y

(2006) Partial Melting Origin Of Neoarchean Migmatites In Daeijak Island, South Korea: A Preliminary Study
Lee Y & Cho M

(2006) Parageneses Of Allanite, Monazite And Xenotime In The Barrovian-type Metapelites Of The Imjingang Belt, Central Korea: Implications For Radioactive Element Partitioning
Kim Y, Yi K & Cho M

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