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All abstracts by Massimo Chiaradia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Hf Isotopes in Zircon Record Sudden Rejuvenation in a Back-Arc Magmatic System (Torres del Paine, Patagonia)
Ewing T, Müntener O, Leuthold J, Baumgartner L, Putlitz B, Chiaradia M & d'Abzac F-X

(2013) Periods of Magma Propagation and Homogenization Preserved in an Upper Crustal Pluton over 1.2 Ma
Floess D, Baumgartner L, Brack P, Broderick C, Chiaradia M, Muntener O, Putlitz B & Schaltegger U

(2013) Recycling of Subducted Crust in the Source of Within-Plate CAMP Basalts from Southeastern North America
Callegaro S, Bertrand H, Marzoli A, Chiaradia M, Reisberg L, Meyzen C & Bellieni G

(2012) Zircon as a Probe of Oxygen Fugacity: Observations and Limitations from Natural Samples
Chelle-Michou C, Chiaradia M, Kouzmanov K & Wotzlaw JF

(2011) Origin of Cameroon Line Basanites from Metasomatized Lithosphere
Marzoli A, Aka F, Chiaradia M, Reisberg L & Merle R

(2011) Distinguishing Periods of Crustal Growth and Recycling by U-Pb Dating, Sr, Pb and Hf Isotopes Among the Eastern Cordilleran Granitoids of South Peru
Reitsma M, Schaltegger U, Spikings R, Chiaradia M, Ulianov A & Gerdes A

(2011) Age and Origin of Alkaline Lavas from Tore-Madeira Rise: Interactions between Complex Lithosphere Motion and Multi-Components Source
Girardeau J, Merle R, Marzoli A & Chiaradia M

(2011) Geochemistry of Eastern North American CAMP Diabase Dykes
Callegaro S, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Reisberg L, Chiaradia M & Bellieni G

(2011) Sr-Nd-Pb-Os Isotopes of CAMP Tholeiites from Northeast America
Merle R, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Reisberg L, Chiaradia M & Bellieni G

(2011) Tracing the Late Paleozoic to Early Mesozoic Crustal Evolution of Coastal Southern Peru
Boekhout F, Spikings R, Chiaradia M, Sempere T, Ulianov A, Gerdes A & Schaltegger U

(2010) High Cd Concentrations in Bajocian Carbonates in the Swiss Jura Mountains: Evidences for Hydrothermal Input
Efimenko N, Spangenberg J, Schneider J, Chiaradia M, Adatte T, Matera V & Föllmi K

(2009) Copper Behaviour in Andesitic Magmas Evolving at High pH2O (Pilavo Volcano, Ecuador)
Chiaradia M & Ulianov A

(2009) Hornblende Cumulate Recycling in the Torres del Paine (Chile): Evidence from Field Observations and Petrology
Leuthold J, Müntener O, Baumgartner L, Putlitz B & Chiaradia M

(2006) Parental magmas and crustal contamination of continental tholeiitic basalts from the Central Atlantic magmatic province as revealed by mineral major and trace elements and Sr isotopes
Chiaradia M, Marzoli A, Jourdan F & Bussy F

(2006) The genesis of CAMP basalts (Morocco) from enriched lithosphere to late asthenosphere mantle sources
Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Chiaradia M, Fontignie D, Youbi N & Bellieni G

(2002) Lead Isotope Evidence for Latitudinal Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Andes,
Chiaradia M & Fontboté L

(2000) Separate Lead Isotope Analyses of Whole Rock Leach and Residue Fractions to Characterize Formation Processes and Post-Formation Evolutions of Magmatic and Metamorphic Lithologies
Chiaradia M & Fontboté L

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