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All abstracts by Yi-Xiang Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Titanite Geochemistry Traces Extreme Differentiation of Granitic Magma in the Collisional Orogen
Chen Y-X & Ma H-Z

(2023) Subducted Serpentinite Results in the Heavy Mo Isotopic Composition of the Mantle Source of Arc Lavas
Dai F-Q, Chen Y-X, Chen RX, Zhao Z-F & Wang Y

(2022) Multiple Isotopes Trace Volatile Recycling Through Subduction Zone Metasomatism
Chen Y-X & Zheng Y-F

(2021) Modification of Fluids in Subduction Channel: Evidence from Barium Isotopes of Western Alps Whiteschis
Chen A, Gu X, Zeng Z, Xiao Z, Chen Y-X & Huang F

(2020) Garnet Effect on Zircon Lu-Hf Isotope Systems during Crustal Anatexis
Xia Q-X, Chen Y-X, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F

(2020) Large-Scale Partial Melting of Deeply Subducted Continental Slab during Continental Collision: An Example from the Sulu Orogen
Ma H-Z, Chen Y-X & Zheng Y-F

(2017) Relict Zircon Tracking the Source Nature of Peraluminous Granite
Gao P, Chen Y-X, Zheng Y-F, Zhao Z-F & Xia X-P

(2016) Zircon Geochemistry Records the Action of Metamorphic Fluid on the Formation of UHP Jadeite Quartzite
Gao X-Y, Zheng Y-F & Chen Y-X

(2016) The Anatectic Effect on the Zircon Hf Isotope Composition of Migmatites and Associated Granites
Chen Y-X, Gao P & Zheng Y-F

(2014) U-Pb Ages and Trace Elements of Metamorphic Rutile and Zircon from Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Quartzite in the Sulu Orogen
Gao X-Y, Zheng Y-F & Chen Y-X

(2014) Trace Element Mobility at Mineral Scale: Evidence from Titanite U-Pb Dating and Trace Element Analysis for UHP Gneisses from the Sulu Orogen
Chen Y-X & Zheng Y-F

(2011) Geochemical and U-Pb Age Constraints on the Occurrence of Polygenetic Titanites in UHP Metagranite in the Dabie Orogen
Gao X-Y, Zheng Y-F, Chen Y-X & Guo J-L

(2011) Metamorphic Growth and Recrystallization of Zircons in Negative ╬┤18O Metamorphic Rocks: A Combined Study of U-Pb Dating, Trace Elements, and O-Hf Isotopes
Chen Y-X, Zheng Y-F & Chen R-X

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