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All abstracts by Jun Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

Tungsten Isotope Constraints on the Cenozoic Sulfur Cycle
Yang R, Elliott T, Chen T, Paytan A, Kemp DB, Li T, Ling H, Chen J, Hein JR, Coath C, Stubbs D & Li G

(2019) K Isotopic Responses to Silicate Weathering and Global K Cycling
Li W, Li S, Beard B, Raymo M, Chen Y & Chen J

(2018) Weathering Induced Fertile Continents for Tungsten Deposit
Yang R, Li G & Chen J

(2018) Insights into the End-Permian Mass Extinction from High-Precision U-Pb Geochronology: Progress and Future Prospects
Ramezani J, Shen S-Z, Chen J, Erwin D, Zhang H, Henderson C & Bowring S

(2017) Weathering Depletion of Continental Crust Constrained by the Carbon Cycle
Li G, Hartmann J, West J, Becker T & Chen J

(2017) Permian Large Igneous Provinces and their Paleo-Environmental Impacts
Xu Y-G, He B, Ma J-L, Chen J, Li J & Wei G

(2016) Cellular Dissolution at Hypha- and Spore-Mineral Interface
Li Z, Liu L, Chen J & Teng HH

(2013) Seasonal Variations of Chemical Weathering Rates and CO2 Consumption in Yangtze River Basin
Li S, Chen Y, Chen J & Ji J

(2013) Nd-Sr Isotopic Evolution of Asian Dust: Tectonic and Climatic Implications
Zhang W, Li G, Chen Z & Chen J

(2013) Spatial and Temporal Variability in Clay Mineral and Iron (Oxyhdr)oxide Minerals of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River Suspended Sediment: Monsoon Controlling Weathering
Mao C, Chen J, Yuan X, Song Y & Ji J

(2012) Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effect of Organic Solvent on the Nucleation of Nesquehonite
Zhao L, Zhu C, Ji J, Chen J & Teng HH

(2011) Seasonal Variation in the Clay Mineral and Sr-Nd Isotopic Compositions of the Suspended Sediments of the Lower Changjiang River at Nanjing, China
Mao C, Chen J & Ji J

(2011) Mineral Chemistry of the Skarn Type Ores from Furong Tin Deposit in Hunan Province, P.R. China
Shuang Y, Chen J & Li H

(2011) Mineralogic and Climatic Interpretations of the Late Miocene-Pliocene Red Clay Formation on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Ji J, He T, Zhao L, Chen Y & Chen J

(2011) Kinetic Study of Brucite Carbonation
Zhu C, Zhao L, Gao X, Ji J, Chen J & Teng HH

(2010) Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Potential of Ultramafic Rocks in China
Sheng X, Chen J & Ji J

(2010) Prominent Half-Precessional Signal of East Asian Winter Monsoon in Chinese Loess Sequence
Liu L, Chen J & Ji J

(2010) Heterogeneous Carbonation in the MgO-H2O-CO2 System
Zhao L, Sang L, Chen J, Ji J & Teng HH

(2010) Bacterial Diversity in Loess Deposits, Chinese Loess Plateau
Huang S, Chen Y, Pan X, Cui Y, Ji J & Chen J

(2008) Interface Induced Crystallization of Carbonate Polymorphs
Teng H, Lin Y, Ji J & Chen J

(2008) Carbonate Weathering in Response to Monsoon Changes
Qiu L, Li G, Chen J & Yang X

(2007) Pedogenic Origin Dolomite Developed within Calcium Concretion of Tertiary Red Clay at Loess Plateau, China
Sheng X, Chen J & Ji J

(2007) εNd(0) Values of Different Grain Sizes of Eolian Sand and Dust, China
Rao W, Chen J & Ji J

(2007) Authigenic Carbonates in the Chinese Loess-Paleosol Sequence: Morphologic and Isotopic Study
Chen Y, Sheng X, Chen J & Ji J

(2007) Some Anaerobic Microbial Communities in Peat Bogs and the Influence on the Biogas Formation
Yao S, Chen J, Ding H & Zhang K

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