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All abstracts by Marcus Altmaier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) VESPA II Project: Behavior of Long-Lived Fission and Activation Products in the Near-Field of a Repository for Nuclear Waste and Possibilities of their Retention
Altmaier M, Bischofer B, Bosbach D, Brendler V, Daniels N, Geckeis H, Hagemann S & Müller K

(2019) Impact of α–D–gluconic Acid on the Solubility and Speciation of An(III)/Ln(III) in Dilute to Concentrated NaCl/MgCl2 Solutions
Tasi A, Gaona X, Rabung T, Kutus B, Sipos P, Altmaier M & Geckeis H

(2019) Sorption Behaviour of di- and Trivalent Radionuclides on Oxidesurfaces at High Salt Concentrations
García D, Lützenkirchen J, Petrov V, Siebentritt M, Huguenel M, Camels L, Schild D, Lefèvre G, Rabung T, Altmaier M, Kalmykov S, Duro L & Geckeis H

(2019) Beryllium Solubility, Hydrolysis and Sorption in Cementitious Systems
Cevirim-Papaioannou N, Gaona X, Han S, Ait-Moheb N, Böttle M, Gaboreau S, Claret F, Um W & Altmaier M

(2019) Calcium Silica Speciation and Carbonation in Cement Systems
Blanc P, Tasi A, Gaona X, Andre L, Grangeon S, Lach A, Altmaier M & Madé B

(2018) THEREDA, the Thermodynamic Reference Database for a Nuclear Waste Disposal in Germany
Bok F, Moog H, Altmaier M, Voigt W & Thoenen T

(2017) Technetium Interaction with Fe(II)-minerals Analysed by Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics
Yalcintas E, Scheinost AC, Gaona X, Altmaier M & Geckeis H

(2017) Redox Chemistry of Pu and Np Under Alkaline to Hyperalkaline pH Conditions
Fellhauer D, Gaona X & Altmaier M

(2016) ThermAc: A Joint Project on Aquatic Actinide Chemistry and Thermodynamics at Elevated Temperature Conditions
Bosbach D, Altmaier M, Gaona X, Endrizzi F, Brendler V, Steudtner R, Franzen C, Tsushima S, Panak P, Skerencak-Frech A, Hagemann S, Brandt F, Krüger S, Colas E, Grive M, Thoenen T, Kulik D & Finkeldei S

(2013) Solubility and TRLFS Studies on Nd(III)/Cm(III) Complexation with Gluconate in NaCl and CaCl2 Media
Rojo H, Gaona X, Rabung T, Garcia M, Missana T & Altmaier M

(2013) Is Plutonium Being Incorporated by Magnetite Under Anoxic Conditions?
Dumas T, Fellhauer D, Gaona X, Altmaier M & Scheinost A

(2012) Plutonium Redox Chemistry Under Anoxic Conditions in the Presence of iron(II) Bearing Minerals
Kirsch R, Fellhauer D, Altmaier M, Charlet L, Fanghanel T & Scheinost AC

(2011) Plutonium Redox Reactions with Iron Oxides Under Anoxic Conditions
Kirsch R, Fellhauer D, Altmaier M, Rossberg A, Fanghänel T, Charlet L & Scheinost AC

(2011) Thermodynamics of Long-Term Metastable Magnesium (Chloro) Hydroxo Carbonates at 25℃
Bube C, Altmaier M, Metz V, Schild D, Kienzler B & Neck V

(2010) Reaction of Pu(III) and (V) with Magnetite and Mackinawite: A XANES/EXAFS Investigation
Kirsch R, Fellhauer D, Altmaier M, Neck V, Rossberg A, Charlet L & Scheinost AC

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