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All abstracts by Bin Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Hydrogen in the Deep Mantle
Shim S-H, Nisr C, Piet H, Chen H, Ko B, Kim T, Allen-Sutter H, Chariton S, Prakapenka V, Kunz M, Liu Z, Lee Y, Chizmeshya A, O'Rourke J, Chen B & Speziale S

(2022) Constraining Elemental Partitioning and Isotope Fractionation of Mantle Minerals with in situ Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction
Zhang D, Xu J, Dera P, Chen B, Chen M, Eng P & Prakapenka V

(2022) Melting and Thermoelastic Properties of High-Pressure Ices Under Conditions of Planetary Interiors
Chen B, Lai X, Chao K-H, Zhu F, Zhang J, Tkachev SN, Zhang D, Chariton S & Prakapenka V

(2022) Melting Behavior of Potassium Carbonate at Deep Earth Conditions
Li J, Zhou D, Chen B & Wolf AS

(2022) Density and Viscosity of Fe-Ni-C Liquids at High Pressures and Implications for the Liquid Cores of Earth and Terrestrial Bodies
Zhu F, Lai X, Wang J, Kono Y, Williams Q, Jing Z & Chen B

(2022) The Fate of Subducted Carbon and Hydrogen from High-Pressure Melting in the Fe-C-H System
Lai X, Zhu F, Gao J, Greenberg E, Prakapenka VB, Meng Y & Chen B

(2022) Effect of LEs on the Diffusivity and Viscosity of Fe-Ni Alloy Under the Earth’s Outer Core Conditions
Wang J, Satyal S, Zhu F & Chen B

(2020) Density of Fe-Ni-C Liquids at High Pressures and Implications to Liquid Cores of Earth and Moon
Zhu F, Lai X, Wang J, Amulele G, Kono Y & Chen B

(2020) Short- and Intermediate-Range Structure and Dynamics of Fe-Ni-C Liquid Under Compression
Wang J, Chen B, Williams Q & Manghnani M

(2020) Lithium and Nd Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Li-Poor Pegmatite with Implications for Li Mineralization
Chen B, Huang C & Zhao H

(2019) Iron Isotopes in the Wulong Gold Deposit, Liaodong Peninsula, Northeast China
Zheng J, Chen B, Liu S & Bao C

(2019) Heavy Li Isotopic Signatures of Enriched Sub-Continental Mantle-Derived Gabbroic Rocks in East China: Evidence for Mantle Metasomatism by Fluids/Melts Released from the Down-Going Paleo-Pacific Slab
Chen B, Huang C & Chen Y

(2018) Micro-Raman Investigations of Diamond Genesis during Slab-Mantle Interaction
Sharma S, Chen B, Gao J & Lai X

(2018) Geochemistry and Boron Isotopic Compositions of Tourmaline from the Paleoproterozoic Amphibolites, NE China: Implications for the Origin of Borate Deposit
Wang Z, Chen B & Yan X

(2017) Horizontal Mass Flux of Aerosols in Taklamakan Desert Area Using Balloon Borne Measurements
Chen B, Habib A, Shi G & Iwasaka Y

(2017) Experimental Investigations into the Fate of Subducted Carbonates and Origin of Super-Deep Diamonds
Li J, Zhu F, Dong J, Liu J, Lai X, Chen B & Meng Y

(2016) Origin of the Youmapo Granitic Complex and Implications for the Polymetallic Mineralization
Ma X, Chen B & Wang Z

(2016) Helium Isotopic Compositions of Ore-Forming Fluid from the Xintianling Tungsten Deposit and the Furong Tin Deposit, the Nanling Range: Implications for the Origin and Evolution of the Ore-Forming Fluid of the Qitianling Pluton
Huang C & Chen B

(2016) Paragenetic Associations of Pb-Zn, Au-Ag and Mo Mineralizations in Qingchengzi Orefield
Duan X, Zeng Q & Chen B

(2016) Petrogenesis of the Late Mesozoic Qitianling Composite Pluton from the Nanling Range, South China: Implications for Tungsten and Tin Mineralization
Wang Z & Chen B

(2016) Geochronology,geochemistry and Tectonic Significances of the Diabase Dikes in Niujuan Silver-Gold deposit,North China Craton
Yan X & Chen B

(2015) Origin of the Houxianyu Paleoproterozoic Borate Deposit (NE China): Constraints from Chemical and Boron Isotopic Compositions of Tourmalines
Chen B & Yan X

(2013) SHRIMP U–Pb Zircon Dating, Geochemical and Petrographical Characteristics of Calc-Alkaline Early Miocene Şapçı Volcanics Around Balıkesir (W Turkey)
Kaplan D, Aslan Z & Chen B

(2013) Origin of Highly Differentiated Granites from South China: Implications for W-Sn Deposits
Chen B, Ma X & Wang Z

(2012) Petrogenesis of the Guposhan Granitic Complex, South China
Wang Z, Chen B & Ma X

(2012) Petrogenesis of the Aolunhua Igneous Complex, Eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Geochemical, and Sr-Nd-Hf Isotopic Constraints
Ma X, Chen B & Wang Z

(2011) Origin of the Late Mesozoic High-Mg Diorites from the North China Craton: Petrological and Os Isotopic Constraints
Chen B, Wang C, Liu A & Gao L

(2010) Petrology and Os-Nd-Sr Isotopes of the Gaositai Alaskan-Type Ultramafic Complex from the Northern North China Craton
Chen B, Tian W & Suzuki K

(2008) Effects of Spin Crossover on Iron Partitioning in Deep Earth
Li J, Gao L, Chen B, Alp E, Zhao J & Hirose K

(2007) Petrogenesis of the most-Recent Quaternary Volcanism with Implications for Post-Collisional Lithospheric Thinning of Eastern Turkey, Erzincan
Karsli O, Chen B, Uysal I, Wijbrans JR, Aydin F & Kandemir R

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