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All abstracts by Laurent Charlet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Immobilisation of Antimony by Hydrogel-Nanomagnetite Aggregates in Flow-Through Microfluidic Systems
Papaslioti EM, Charlet L, Vantelon D & Tabuteau H

(2023) Rhenium Geochemistry Under Sulfidic Conditions: When the Sulfide Acts as Both Ligand and Reducing Agent
Guida C, Chappaz A, Grant C, Fernandez-Martinez A & Charlet L

(2023) Nanoscale Mineral/Contaminant Redox Reaction Processes: Impact on Oxyanion Contaminant Fate in Oscillating Anoxic Environments
Charlet L, Guida C, Poulain A, Ding R, Ramothe V, Papaslioti EM, Kirsch R, Fernandez-Martinez A, Scheinost AC, Greneche JM, Menguy N & Rosso KM

(2022) Immobilisation of Contaminants by Industrial Magnetite in Acidic, Phosphate-Rich Waste Leachates
Papaslioti EM, Charlet L & Le Bouteiller P

(2021) Copper Isotope for Potential Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
Kazi Tani LS, Gourlan AT, Dennouni-Medjati N, Dali Sahi M, Harek Y, Belhadj M, Telouk P & Charlet L

(2021) Comparative Study of As and Sb in Soil and Phosphogypsum Waste
Papaslioti EM & Charlet L

(2021) Reduction of Selenate in Contact with Pyrite [100]: A DFT ab Initio Study
Ramothe V, Simonnin P, Gilbert B, Rosso K & Charlet L

(2021) The Surface Properties of Carbonate Rocks Across Scales: Elucidating the Role of Biominerals
Moya A, Giraud F, Agenet N, Charlet L, Van Driessche AES & Fernandez-Martinez A

(2021) Selenite Interactions with Iron Sulfides
Wang K, Ma B, Fernandez-Martinez A, Simonelli L, Made B, Henocq P & Charlet L

(2021) Magnetite-Catalyzed Selenium Reduction
Poulain A, Goberna Ferron S, Charlet L & Fernandez-Martinez A

(2021) Oxyanions Reactivity Towards Magnetite: Towards Defining a Driving Force?
Charlet L, Fernandez-Martinez A, Goberna Ferron S, Poulain A, Wang K & Guida C

(2019) Power Generation: An Unknown (Re)source of Baryte
Staicu L, Drewniak L, Fernandez-Martinez A & Charlet L

(2019) Molecular Simulation of the Solid-State Transport Properties of Silver Sulfide Towards Smart Passivation Strategies for Silver Nanowires in the Environment
Simonnin P, Charlet L, Gilbert B & Rosso K

(2019) Controlling the Toxicity of Zinc Oxide Nanowires (ZnONWs)
Louka C, Charlet L, Maffeis T & Clift M

(2019) Surface Chemistry of the Magnetite-Water Interface: Control over Silica Adsorption
Goberna Ferron S, Fernandez Martinez A & Charlet L

(2019) Coupling Oxyanions (Se, As) Transformation with Fe and S Cycling Under Redox Oscillations
Phan VTH, Couture R-M, Bardelli F, Bernier-Latmani R & Charlet L

(2019) Water Trapping Dynamics in Carbohydrate-Populated Smectite Interlayer Nanopores: Experiments and Theory
Aristilde L, Kelch S, Ferrage E, Lanson B, Bakker E & Charlet L

(2019) Copper Isotope in Serum of Thyroid Cancer Patients
Kazi tani S, Dennouni Medjati N, Telouk P, Gourland A, Toubhans B, Dali Sahi M & Charlet L

(2017) New Insights on the Biomineralisation Process Developing on Inhaled Asbestos Fibres
Bardelli F, Veronesi G, Capella S, Charlet L, Cedola A & Belluso E

(2017) From Social Geochemistry to the Planetary Scale: An Impressionist Tribute to Annette Johnson
Charlet L

(2016) Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of U(VI) Sorption on Chalk Substrates
Gehin A, Markelov I, Crancon P & Charlet L

(2016) Interplay between As, Sb, Cr and N in Argillaceous Suspensions Under Redox Oscillating Conditions
Markelova E, Couture R-M, Parsons C, Markelov I, Made B, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2016) Incorporation of Molybdate into the Ca-Al-Hydrotalcite Lattice
Ma B, Fernandez-Martinez A, Grangeon S & Charlet L

(2016) Clay and Claystone Sorption of (In)organic Ions: Insights from Diffraction, Spectroscopy and DFT
Charlet L, Kwon K & Charlet A

(2016) A Carbon Nanotube-Associated Arsenic Species in Mekong Delta Sediments
Wang Y, Le Pape P, Morin G, Suvorova E, Bártová B, Asta MP, Frutschi M, Ikogou M, Pham C. H. V, Vo PL, Charlet L & Bernier-Latmani R

(2015) Biogeochemical Reactions and Transient Pressure Gradients in the Unsaturated Zone
Pili E, Guillon S & Charlet L

(2015) Comparative Im/Mobilization of As, Cr, Sb in Argillaceous and Soil Suspensions
Markelova E, Couture R-M, Parsons C, van Cappellen P, Made B & Charlet L

(2015) Arsenic Mobilization in an Aquifer in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Asta MP, Frutschi M, Gayout A, Wang Y, Le Vo P, Pham V, Planer-Friedrich B, Charlet L & Bernier-Latmani R

(2015) Mechanism of Release of Arsenic from Deltaic Sediments during Microbial Sulfate Reduction
Phan THV, Charlet L & Bernier-Latmani R

(2015) Retention of the Anions Existing in Nuclear Waste by AFm Phases
Ma B, Fernandez-Martinez A, Grangeon S & Charlet L

(2014) Kinetics of Carbon Isotopic Exchange with High Purity 12C Nano-Calcite
Gehin A, Montes-Hernandez G, Silvester E & Charlet L

(2013) Novel Bionanocomposites – Chitosan Geothite Bead – for Arsenic Remediation
He J, Bardelli F, Gehin A & Charlet L

(2013) Volatilization of Methylated Selenium, Sulfur and Arsenic from a Wetland
Vriens B, Berg M, Charlet L, Lenz M & Winkel LHE

(2013) Co-precipitation of Arsenate with Calcite – An Example from Greece
Winkel L, Casentini B, Bardelli F, Voegelin A, Nikolaidis N & Charlet L

(2012) Modeling the Dioctahedral Smectites CEC Variation Versus Structural Iron Reduction Level
Hadi J, Tournassat C, Ignatiadis I & Charlet L

(2012) Plutonium Redox Chemistry Under Anoxic Conditions in the Presence of iron(II) Bearing Minerals
Kirsch R, Fellhauer D, Altmaier M, Charlet L, Fanghanel T & Scheinost AC

(2012) Redox Oscillation Impact on Natural and Engineered Biogeochemical Systems
Charlet L

(2012) Growth of Nanostructured Calcite Under Hydrothermal Conditions in Presence of Organic and Inorganic Selenium
Montes-Hernandez G, Sarret G, Hellmann R, Charlet L & Renard F

(2012) Does the Naturally Elevated Sulfur Content of Ulva Lactuca Play a Role in the Uptake and Speciation of Arsenic?
Pham C, Charlet L & Sposito G

(2012) Synchrotron Radiation Characterization of Ferruginous Bodies from Human Lung Tissue
Bardelli F, Belluso E, Capella S, Veronesi G & Charlet L

(2012) Synthesis and Isotopic Characterization of High-Pure 12C Nano-Calcite
Gehin A, Montes-Hernandez G & Charlet L

(2011) Plutonium Redox Reactions with Iron Oxides Under Anoxic Conditions
Kirsch R, Fellhauer D, Altmaier M, Rossberg A, Fanghänel T, Charlet L & Scheinost AC

(2011) Water Structure and Hydration Properties of Imogolite Nanotubes
Fernandez-Martinez A, Cuello G, Bourg I, Johnson M, Waychunas G, Sposito G & Charlet L

(2011) Arsenic Uptake and Speciation in the Green Marine Alga Ulva Lactuca: Development of a Coastal Aquatic Bioindicator
Pham C, Charlet L & Sposito G

(2011) The Effect of Flood-Induced Redox Oscillations on Arsenic Mobility in a Calcareous Fluvisol
Parsons C, Couture R-M, Omoregie E, Roman-Ross G & Charlet L

(2011) Selenium Reduction by Pyrite: pH Effect and Mossbauer Study
Gehin A, Kang M, Greneche J-M & Charlet L

(2011) Hydrogen Sorption by Synthetic Montmorillonites and Clayrock at High Temperature
Didier M, Bardelli F, Giffaut E & Charlet L

(2011) Redox Reaction of Pyrite with Se
Bardelli F, Kang M, Gehin A & Charlet L

(2010) Reaction of Pu(III) and (V) with Magnetite and Mackinawite: A XANES/EXAFS Investigation
Kirsch R, Fellhauer D, Altmaier M, Neck V, Rossberg A, Charlet L & Scheinost AC

(2010) Study of Selenium Nanoparticles Dissolution in Environmental and Human Fluids
Muller J, Février L, Charlet L & Martin-Garin A

(2009) Interaction of Prion Protein, Pentapeptide and Lysine with Soil Clays
Charlet L, Brendle J, Hureau C, Chapron Y & Sahai N

(2009) Release of As(III) in Groundwater: An Energetically Driven Model Tested on Bengal Delta Sediments
Burnol A & Charlet L

(2009) Transient Geochemical and Hydrogeological Coupling during Weathering and the Carbon Cycle in the Critical Zone
Pili E, Dellinger M, Charlet L, Agrinier P, Chabaux F & Richon P

(2009) Spectroscopic Investigations of Uranyl Reduction by Fe-Bearing Clays
Chakraborty S, Boivin FF, Gehin A, Banerjee D, Scheinost AC, Greneche JM, Mullet M, Bardelli F & Charlet L

(2009) Interlayer Structures and Binding Conformations in the Interaction of a Tetracycline Antibiotic with a Smectite Clay
Aristilde L, Lanson B, Johnson M & Charlet L

(2008) Clay-Prion Protein Interactions
Charlet L, Hureau C & Chapron Y

(2008) Growth of a Se(0)/Calcite Composite Using Hydrothermal Carbonation of Ca(OH)2 Coupled to a Complex Seleno-L-Cystine Fragmentation
Montes-Hernandez G, Charlet L & Renard F

(2008) Reduction of Antimony by Nanoparticulate Fe3O4 and FeS
Kirsch R, Scheinost A, Rossberg A, Banerjee D & Charlet L

(2007) Osmium Groundwater Flux from the Bengal Basin: Implications for the Osmium Marine Budget
Paul M, Reisberg L, Vigier N, Zheng Y & Charlet L

(2007) Rhombohedral Calcite Precipitation from CO2-H2O-Ca(OH)2 Slurry Under Supercritical and Gas CO2 Media
Montes-Hernandez G, Renard F, Charlet L & Pironon J

(2007) Selenite Reduction by Green Rust, Magnetite, Siderite and Mackinawite: EXAFS Identification of Se Species
Scheinost A & Charlet L

(2007) Surface Charge and Potential at Carbonate Mineral Surfaces
Wolthers M, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2004) The Surface Chemistry of Carbonates
Wolthers M, Charlet L & Van Cappellen P

(2004) Specific Sorption of Fe(II) on Synthetic Montmorillonite in Anoxic Conditions
Géhin A, Grenèche J, Tournassat C & Charlet L

(2004) Interactions of Fe2+, Zn2+, and H4SiO4 at Clay/Water Interface: Distinguishing Competitive Sorption, Coadsorption and Surface Oxidation Phenomena
Tournassat C, Charlet L & Greneche J

(2004) Dissolution Rate of Mercury Oxide
Hocsman A, Di Nezio S, Avena M, de Pauli C & Charlet L

(2002) The Sorption of Ferrous Iron onto Clay Minerals: Could Aqueous Fe(II) Outcompete with Radionuclides for Immobilization?
Tournassat C & Charlet L

(2002) Arsenic Association with Iron Sulphides, Adsorption and Incorporation
Wolthers M, van der Weijden CH, Rickard D, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2002) Reduction of Mercury by Surface Fe(II)and the Formation of Hg° in Hydromorphic Soils
Charlet L, Peretyashko T, Grimaldi M & Bosbach D

(2002) Arsenic Removal by Gypsum and Calcite: The Continuum between Sorption and Solid-Solution Phenomenon
Roman-Ross G, Cuello G, Tisserand D & Charlet L

(2001) Nucleation and Epitaxial Growth of Zn-Phyllosilicate on Hectorite Particles
Schlegel ML, Manceau A, Charlet L & Hazemann J-L

(2000) Influence of Cations on the Dissolution of Apatite – A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach
Peaudecerf A, Charlet L, Chapron Y, Reiche I & Menu M

(2000) Hg and CO2 Production Mechanism in the Petit Saut Dam Reservoir, French Guyana: Fe2+ as Key Actor
Charlet L & Peretyashko T

(2000) Impact of the Burial Environment on Archaeological Bone Preservation. The Example of the Neolithic Lacustrine Sites 19 and 21 of Chalain, France
Reiche I, Peaudecerf A, Vignaud C, Menu M & Charlet L

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