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All abstracts by C. Page Chamberlain in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Modeling Terrestrial δ18O Gradients in Lowland and Mountain Environments
Kukla T, Winnick M, Maher K, Ibarra D & Chamberlain CP

(2017) The Evolution of Land Plants and Silicate Weathering
Ibarra D, Caves J, Bachan A, Baresch A, Lau K, Thomas D, Lee J-E, Boyce K & Chamberlain CP

(2016) Uncertainty Assessment and Sampling Strategies for Global Silicate Weathering Rates
Moon S, Chamberlain CP & Hilley G

(2016) Tracing Meteoric Fluids in Fault and Detachment Systems
Mulch A, Teyssier C, Chamberlain CP, Zwingmann H & Mancktelow N

(2013) Coupling Fluid Residence Times, Erosion Rates and Weathering Fluxes to Evaluate the Operation of a Hydrologic Thermostat
Maher K & Chamberlain CP

(2013) It’s Getting Hot on Earth – The Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum in a Terrestrial Sedimentary Record
Methner K, Wacker U, Fiebig J, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP

(2011) Uncertainty Assessment in Quantification of Silicate Weathering Rates in Global Rivers
Moon S, Chamberlain CP & Hilley G

(2011) Hot Summers in the Western United States during the Late Cretaceous and Early Cenozoic
Snell K, Thompson J, Foreman B, Wernicke B, Chamberlain CP, Eiler J & Koch P

(2009) A Late Miocene Stable Isotope Paleosoil Record of Andean Foreland Precipitation
Mulch A, Uba C, Strecker M, Schönberg R & Chamberlain CP

(2007) Chemical Weathering, Erosion, and CO2 Consumption in the Southern Tibetan Plateau and Eastern Syntaxis of the Himalaya
Hren M, Chamberlain CP, Hilley G, Blisniuk P & Bookhagen B

(2007) Stable Isotopic Evidence of Evolving Laramide Landscape in the Central North American Cordillera
Davis S, Mulch A & Chamberlain P

(2007) Cenozoic Topographic and Climatic Change in the Western U.S. From a Paleosol Carbonate Record in Montana and Idaho
Kent-Corson M, Mulch A & Chamberlain P

(2007) Climate Change in the Southern Central Andes at 8 Ma
Strecker M, Mulch A, Uba C, Schmitt A & Chamberlain P

(2007) Hydrogen Isotope Variations in Hydrated Volcanic Glass as Tracers of Late Cenozoic Precipitation Patterns in the Western United States
Mulch A, Sarna-Wojcicki AM, Perkins ME & Chamberlain P

(2007) Cenozoic Topographic Evolution of the Western North America Cordillera
Chamberlain CP, Mulch A, Kent-Corson M, Davis S, Carroll A & Graham S

(2007) Steady State Chemical Weathering in an Eroding Landscape
Chamberlain P, Hilley G, Hren M, Porder S & Jacobson A

(2006) Coupled hydrogen isotope paleoaltimetry and (U/Th)/He thermochronology of river deposits
Mulch A, Graham S, Reiners P & Chamberlain CP

(2006) Thermochronologic Approaches to Paleotopography
Reiners P, McPhillips D, Brandon M, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP

(2002) Os Isotopes, Deep-Rooted Mantle Plumes and the Timing of Inner Core Formation
Meibom A, Frei R, Chamberlain CP, Coleman RG, Hren MT & Sleep NH

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