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All abstracts by Charles N. Alpers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Biogeochemical Simulations to Assess the Impact of Redox Processes on Mercury Cycling in Sediments
Helmrich S, Vlassopoulos D, Alpers CN, Quinn NWT & O'Day PA

(2015) Field and Laboratory Measurements for Modeling Microbial and Abiotic Fe(II) Oxidation at Mine Sites
Campbell KM, Alpers CN, Runkel RL & Nordstrom DK

(2014) Arsenic Chemistry, Mineralogy, Speciation, and Bioavailability/Bioaccessibilty in Soils and Mine Waste from the Empire Mine, CA, USA
Foster A, Alpers C, Burlak T, Blum A, Petersen E, Basta N, Whitacre S, Casteel S, Kim C & Brown A

(2014) Using in Vitro Gastrointestinal and Sequential Extraction Methods To Characterize Site-Specific Arsenic Bioavailability
Basta N, Whitacre S, Myers P, Mitchell V, Alpers C, Foster A, Casteel S & Kim C

(2014) Trace Element Accumulation in Schwertmannite-Rich Precipitate in a Pipeline Carying Acid Mine Drainage at Iron Mountain Mine, CA, USA
Campbell K, Alpers C, Blum A, Nordstrom K & Williams A

(2014) Distribution of Historical Gold Mines Helps Predict Mercury in Fish Tissue, Sierra Nevada, CA, USA
Alpers CN, Slotton DG, Orlando JL, Yee JL, Ackerman JT, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Fleck JA & Stumpner E

(2014) Mercury Contamination in Water and Sediment Related to Historical Gold Mining, Sierra Nevada, CA
Alpers CN, Stumpner E, Orlando JL, Fleck JA & Marvin-DiPasquale M

(2014) Methylmercury Cycling in Wetlands Managed for Rice Agriculture and Wildlife: Implications for Methylmercury Production, Transport, and Bioaccumulation
Windham-Myers L, Ackerman J, Alpers C, Bachand P, Fleck J & Marvin-DiPasquale M

(2013) Mining, Microbes, and Models: Integrating Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation, Hydrolysis, Precipitation, and Biogeochemical Modeling, with Application to Acid Mine Drainage at Iron Mountain
Campbell K, Alpers C, Nordstrom K, Blum A & Hay M

(2012) Arsenic and Old Gold Mines: Mineralogy, Speciation, and Bioaccessibility
Alpers CN, Burlak TL, Foster AL, Basta NT & Mitchell VL

(2010) Microbial Community Structure and Methylmercury Production in a Managed Wetland Ecosystem
Holloway J, Mills C, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Alpers C, Windham-Meyers L, Fleck J & Goldhaber M

(2008) Sulfates on Mars: Comparison with Spectral Properties of Analog Sites
Bishop J, Alpers C, Coleman M, Sobron P, Lane M, Dyar D & Schiffman P

(2008) Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Iron-Sulfate Minerals from Iron Mountain, California, U.S.A
Alpers CN, Majzlan J, Bender Koch C, Bishop JL, Coleman ML, Dyar MD, McCleskey RB, Myneni SCB, Nordstrom DK & Sobron P

(2005) Thermodynamic Data for Hydrated Ferric Sulfates and Application to Secondary Minerals at Iron Mountain, California
Alpers CN, Majzlan J, McCleskey RB, Nordstrom DK & Navrotsky A

(2005) Mercury and Methylmercury Distribution in Sediments Affected by Historical Gold Mining, Sierra Nevada, California
Hunerlach MP, Alpers CN & Marvin-DiPasquale M

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