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All abstracts by Aaron J. Cavosie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Integrated Pb Isotope and Textural Analysis of Impact-Shocked Granite Alkali Feldspar Elucidates Grain-Scale Hydrothermal Alteration
Zametzer A, Kirkland CL, Barham M, Timms NE, Hartnady MIH, Cavosie AJ, Ware B, Rickard WDA & Erickson T

(2023) Nb & Sc in 4.4 to 2.7 Ga Zircons: Contrasting Hadean Sources for Jack Hills vs. Barberton
Valley JW, Blum T, Shimizu K, Kitajima K, Spicuzza MJ, Kita NT, Almeev R, Holtz F, Sobolev AV & Cavosie AJ

(2018) Trace Element Clustering in Jack Hills Zircons: New Results and Future Directions
Blum T, Peng Z, Stephenson L, Schweinar K, Chanmuang Nasdala C, Cavosie A, Gault B & Valley J

(2018) Zircon Evidence for Eclogite Facies Metamorphism at 3.9 Ga
Cavosie AJ, Spencer C, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Reddy SM, Wilde SA, Talavera C, Cameron EM, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Ushikubo T

(2018) Not-So-Shocking Results from the Jack Hills: An EBSD Survey of 10, 000 Zircon Grains for Shock Deformation
Cox M, Cavosie A, Bland P, Reddy S & Valley J

(2017) Nanoscale Characterization of Shock Twinning in Zircon by EBSD, TKD, TOF-SIMS, TEM, and Atom Probe
Cavosie AJ, Reddy SM, Rickard WDA, Saxey DW, Fougerouse D & Sharp T

(2017) Nanoscale Trace Element Analysis of Zircon via High Spatial Resolution SIMS in a FIB-SEM
Rickard W, Reddy S, Saxey D, Fougerouse D, Cavosie A & Peterman E

(2014) Resolving Shock Features in Monazite Using EBSD and their Effects on SHRIMP U-Pb Systematics
Erickson T, Mark P, Cavosie A, Nicholas T, Steven R, Richard T & Christopher C

(2014) Apatite for Destruction
Cavosie AJ

(2014) Hadean Shocked Zircons?
Cavosie AJ

(2013) Tomography at Single-Atom Scale of 207Pb and 206Pb in a 4374 Ma Zircon
Valley J, Ushikubo T, Cavosie A, Reinhard D, Lawrence D, Martin I, Larson D, Clifton P, Kelly T, Wilde S, Moser D & Spicuzza M

(2012) Reconstructing Impact Basins from ex situ Shocked Zircon
Cavosie AJ, Radovan HA, Moser DE, Barker I, Wooden J, Kitajima K & Valley JW

(2010) Detrital Shocked Zircon
Cavosie AJ, Erickson TM, Radovan HA & Moser DE

(2010) Distal Transport (>650 km) of Detrital Shocked Zircon in a Cratonic Fluvial System: The Vaal River, South Africa
Erickson T, Cavosie A, Moser D & Radovan H

(2008) Lithium in Jack Hills Zircon: Evidence for Extreme Weathering of Earth’s Crust at 4300 Ma
Ushikubo T, Kita NT, Cavosie AJ, Wilde SA, Rudnick RL & Valley JW

(2007) Sub-Micron-Scale Variations in Ti Abundance in Zircon
Hofmann AE, Cavosie AJ, Guan Y, Valley JW & Eiler JM

(2006) What have we learned from pre-4 Ga zircons ?
Valley J, Cavosie A & Wilde S

(2006) The Importance of Imaging and Correlated In Situ Analyses: Trace Elements in >4 Ga Detrital Zircons
Cavosie AJ, Valley JW & Wilde SA

(2005) A Lower Age Limit for the Archean Based on &#948;<+>18<$>O of Detrital Zircons
Cavosie AJ, Wilde SA & Valley JW

(2003) Earliest Archean Magmatic Events: Insights from Detrital Zircon Studies
Cavosie A, Wilde S, Liu D & Valley J

(2002) Zircon Evidence of the Earliest Archean Crust: 4.0-4.4 Ga
Valley JW, Cavosie A, Graham C, King E, Peck W & Wilde S

(2002) Implications for Sources of Jack Hills Metasediments: Detrital Chromite
Cavosie A, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Wilde SA

(2001) Co-existing Aluminum Silicates in Quartz Veins: A Quantitative Approach for Determining Equilibrium Using Oxygen Isotopes with Applications to Thermobarometry
Cavosie AJ, Sharp ZD & Selverstone J

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