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All abstracts by Susan Carroll in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Dissolution Kinetics of Muscovite and K-Feldspar at Geothermal Conditions
Lammers K, Smith M & Carroll S

(2015) High-Temperature Kinetics of Chlorite, Biotite, and Illite
Smith M & Carroll S

(2013) Accurate Measurement of Diffusion Profiles in Altered Wellbore Cement Using XMCT
Mason H, DuFrane W, Walsh S & Carroll S

(2013) Geochemical and Geomechanical Influences on the Permeability of Wellbore Cement Fractures Exposed to CO2-Rich Brine
Carroll S, Walsh S, Mason H & DuFrane W

(2011) Electrochemical Enhancement of Carbonate and Silicate Weathering for CO2 Mitigation
Rau G & Carroll S

(2010) Changes in Microbial Community Structure and Activity during Amendment with Long-Term Electron Donor Sources for Bioreduction of Groundwater Contaminants
Gihring T, Schadt C, Zhang G, Yang Z, Carroll S, Lowe K, Mehlhorn T, Jardine P, Watson D, Brooks S, Wu W, Kostka J, Overholt W, Green S, Zhou J, Zhang P & Von Nostrand J

(2010) Paramagnetic Adsorption on Silica as an Analogue for Actinide Adsorption: A Solid-State NMR Study
Mason H, Maxwell R & Carroll S

(2008) Association of Aluminum with Silica: Connecting Molecular Structure to Surface Reactivity Using NMR
Houston J, Herberg J, Maxwell R & Carroll S

(2005) Effect of Solution Saturation State on Diopside Dissolution
Dixit S, Knauss K & Carroll S

(2005) Dust Salts and Deliquescence on Waste Packages in an Unsaturated-Zone Repository
Wolery T, Peterman Z, Carroll S, Jove-Colon C, Sutton M, Rard J & Wijesinghe A

(2005) Chemical Environment at Waste Package Surfaces in a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository
Carroll S, Alai M, Craig L, Gdowski G, Hailey P, Nguyen QA, Rard J, Staggs K, Sutton M & Wolery T

(2001) Recent Advances in Molecular Environmental Geochemistry
O'Day PA & Carroll SA

(2001) Evaluation of the Field Exchange Capacity of Hanford Sediments with Implications for 137Cs Migration
Steefel CI, Carroll SA, Yabusaki SB & Lichtner PC

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