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All abstracts by Damien Cardinal in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Time-Related Changes in the Si Isotopic Composition of Palaeo- to Mesoarchaean Granitoids
Abraham K, Foley S, Hofmann A, Cardinal D & André L

(2013) Seawater as the Common Si Source for Both Archean BIF and Cherts: Insights from Silicon Isotopes
Delvigne C, Hofmann A, Cardinal D & André L

(2012) Understanding Archean Weathering Using Silicon Isotopes and Ge/Si Ratios
Delvigne C, Opfergelt S, Hofmann A, Cardinal D & Andre L

(2012) Spatial and Seasonal Variations of the delta30Si Signatures in the Amazon Basin
Hughes H, Sondag F, Andre L & Cardinal D

(2011) A δ30Si Reconstruction of Holocene Productivity of the Southern Ocean, East Antarctica
Panizzo V, Cardinal D, Crosta X & Mattielli N

(2011) δ30Si and Ge/Si Changes in BIFs along the Archaean
Delvigne C, Cardinal D, Hofmann A & André L

(2009) A First Look at GEOTRACES Issues from the IPY BONUS GOODHOPE Cruise in the Southern Ocean
Boye M, Achterberg E, Bown J, Bucciarelli E, Cardinal D, Cassar N, Cavagna A-J, Chever F, Dehairs F, Fine RA, Happell J, Joubert W, LeMoigne F, Masqué P, Monteiro P, Planchon F, Sarthou G, Verdeny E, Wake B & Waldron H

(2009) The Origin of Palaeoarchaean Silicification Inferred from Coupled Si-O Isotopes
Abraham K, Cardinal D, Hofmann A, Foley S, Harris C & André L

(2008) Silicon Cycle in Weathering Sequences of Volcanic Soils in Cameroon Using δ30Si and Ge/Si
Opfergelt S, Delvaux B, Cardinal D, Delvigne C & André L

(2007) Si Isotopes as a Clue for Understanding Eoarchaean Silicifications
Abraham K, Opfergelt S, Cardinal D, Hofmann A, Foley S & André L

(2007) Using δ30Si to Follow the Soil-Plant Si Cycling in a Weathering Sequence of Volcanic Ash Soils, Cameroon
Opfergelt S, Delvaux B, Cardinal D & André L

(2007) New Method (HR-Sf-ICP-MS) to Measure Biosilica Production and Dissolution in Ocean Surface Waters
Fripiat F, Corvaisier R, Navez J, Elskens M, André L & Cardinal D

(2006) An inter-laboratory calibration of Si isotope reference materials
Reynolds BC, Aggarwal J, Brzezinski MA, Cardinal D, Engström E, Georg RB, Land M, Leng M, Opfergelt S & Vroon PZ

(2003) Distribution and Implication of Silicon Isotopic Composition in Marine and Freshwaters
Alleman L, Cardinal D, Kimirei I & André L

(2002) New Developments in Measuring Silicon Isotopes by MC-ICP-MS
Allemna L, Cardinal D, Ziegler K & André L

(2000) Geochemistry of Surface Sediments, Filtered and Sediment Trap Particles from the Sub Antarctic and Polar Front Zones of the Southern Ocean, South of Tasmania
Cardinal D, André L, Dehairs F, Cattaldo T, Fagel N & Trull T

(2000) Assessing Flux Rates from Isotope Dilution Experiments and Numerical Modelling: Results for 15N and 135Ba Tracer Experiments
Elskens M, Cattaldo T, Cardinal D, Baeyens W & Dehairs F

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