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All abstracts by H Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Association of granitic magmatism in the Songpan-Garze fold belt, eastern Tibet Plateau: Implication for lithospheric delamination
Zhang H, Harris N, Parrish R & Zhang L

(2006) Ultraviolet absorbance titration for the determination of complexing capacities and stability constants of copper (II)-fulvic Acid
Wu F, Bai Y & Zhang H

(2006) Fe isotope variations in peridotite xenoliths from Hannuoba, North China Craton
Zhao X, Zhu X, Zhang H & Tang S

(2006) Kinetics of water induced structual transformation in ZnS nanoparticles
Goodell C, Gilbert B, Wiegand S, Zhang H & Banfield J

(2006) Subcontinetal lithospheric mantle origin of the Cenozoic kamafugite in western Qinling, China: Evidence from helium isotopes in mantle-derived xenoliths
Zhao Z, Gautheron CG, Farley K, Zhang H, Yu X & Mo X

(2006) Nanoparticle structure, surface structure and crystal chemistry
Waychunas G, Kim C, Gilbert B, Zhang H & Banfield J

(2005) Cenozoic Kamafugite in West Qinling, China: Age and Geochemistry
Zhao Z, Zhang H, Yu X, Mo X & DePaolo D

(2005) Geochemical Structure of Pb Isotopes in Tongbai-Dabie area, China
Zhang L, Zhang H & Zhong Z

(2004) Interface Interactions in Nanoparticle Aggregates
Huang F, Gilbert B, Zhang H, Finnegan M, Rustad J, Kim C, Waychunas G & Banfield J

(2004) Transformation of Lithospheric Mantle from Old Refractory to Young Fertile Through Peridotite-Melt Interaction
Zhang H, Ying J, Tang Y & Zhang J

(2004) Study on the Heterogeneity of Surface Energy of Titania Nanoparticles by Means of Probe Gas Adsorption Isotherms
Liu X, Lu X, Lu Z, Hou Q & Zhang H

(2003) Geochemical Evolution for Subvolcanic Analogue of Rare Metal Bearing Li-F-Rich Granites
Zhu J & Zhang H

(2003) Nanoparticles: Size-Structure-Reactivity Interrelationships
Banfield J, Huang F, Gilbert B, Zhang H, Moreau J & Waychunas G

(2003) Highly Heterogeneous Mesozoic Lithospheric Mantle beneath the North China Craton: Evidence from Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Systematics of Mafic Rocks
Zhang H

(2003) Extreme Fractionation of Boron Isotopes in Altay No.3 Pegmatite
Zhang H & Liu C

(2001) Sr/Eu Ratio in Apatites as a Recorder of Fluid Exsolution from Pegmatite-Forming Melt
Zhang H & Liu C-Q

(2000) A New Conceptual Model for Microbial Processes in Sediments
Mortimer RJG, Hayes P, Krom M, Davies I, Davison W, Zhang H, Phillips C & Prosser J

(2000) High Volumetric Resolution Reveals Inter-Dependence of Metal Mobilisation in Sediments
Zhang H, Davison W, Mortimer RJG & Krom MD

(2000) Multiphase Mineral Inclusions in Diamonds from Fuxian and Mengyin Kimberlites, Eastern China
Zhang H, Menzies MA, Zhao L, Lu F & Zhou X

(2000) Fertile Lithosphere Mantle beneath Yangtze Craton: Evidence from a Garnet Lherzolite from Dahongshan Kimberlite, Hubei, China
Zhang H, Lu F, Liu Y, Zhou X, Sun M & Zhou M

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