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All abstracts by Jianming Zhu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Validating the High-Precision Measurement of Mo Isotopes at the 5 ng Level Using Double Spike MC-ICP-MS
Zhu J, Zhu H-G, Tan D, Lin X, Lu K & Yang W

(2020) The Variations of Mo Isotope Composition of the Hongfenghu Small Catchment in Karst Areas
Zhu J, Yang W & Wang X

(2020) Mechanisms of BioSeNPs Biomineralization: AFM, FTIR and XPS Analysis
Yuan Y, Zhu J, Liu C & Qiu R

(2019) Biomineralization of Seledide: Implications for Se Bioremediation and Recovery
Yuan Y, Zhu J, Liu C & Qiu R

(2019) Nickel Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust
Zhu J, Wu G & Wang X

(2018) The Isotopic Composition of Lead in Chinese Coals
Zhu J, Tan D, Zhang L, Wu G & Han G

(2018) Geochemistry of the Basal Ediacaran Tereeken Cap-Doloston of the Quruqtagh Group in Eastern Tianshan, Northwestern China
Wan R, Zhu J, Ke S, Xiao S, Li S & Wang Z

(2017) Accurate Determination of Cadmium Isotopic Composition of Solution Standards and Geological Reference Materials by MC-ICP-MS
Li D, Li M-L, Yang C, Zhu J & Liu S-A

(2017) Accurate and Precise Determination of Lead Isotopic Composition in Selected Geochemical Reference Materials
Yin Z, Ling H & Zhu J

(2017) A New Procedure for High Precision Measurement of Selenium Isotopes Using Hydride Generation MC-ICP-MS with Double Spike
Zhu J, Tan D, Wu G & Han G

(2012) Isotopic Fractionation of Selenium in Higher Plants
Zhu J, Johnson TM, Qin H, Wang X & Yuan Y

(2002) Fe-Mn-S Cycling and the Distribution of Biomacromolecules and SRB in Lake Sediments from Southwest China
Liang X, Zhu J & Wang F

(2002) Occurrence of Native Selenium in Yutangba of China
Zhu J, Liang XB, Zheng BS & Li SH

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