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All abstracts by Jian Cao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Unsynchronized Evolution of Salinity and pH of a Permian Alkaline Lake Influenced by Hydrothermal Fluids
Xia L, Cao J, St├╝eken E, Zhi D, Wang T & Li W

(2018) Hydrocarbon Generation Characteristics of Alkaline Lacustrine Source Rocks: The Lower Permian in the Northewestern Junggar Basin, NW China
Wang T, Cao J, Wang X, Xiang B, Ma W & Xia L

(2018) Thermochemical Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Induced by High-Valence Metal Oxides in the Deep Sedimentary Basin
Kang X, Hu W, Fu B, Cao J, Wang X & Wu H

(2016) Geochemistry and Origins of Natural Gas in the Mahu Sag, Northwestern Junggar Basin, NW China
Cao J

(2011) Difference of Organic Matter in the Early Cambrian Ni-Mo-Bearing Black Rock Series in the Zunyi City of South China: Implications for the Origin of the Deposits
Cao J

(2010) Organic Geochemistry of Triassic Mudstones in the Central Junggar Basin, Northwest China
Wu M, Cao J, Sun P & Xie L

(2009) Trace Oil Migration Using Element Composition of Reservoir Diagenetic Mineral: A Preliminary Case Study in the Junggar Basin (Northwest China)
Cao J, Xie L, Wang X & Hu W

(2008) Bio-Facies and Organic Geochemical Features of the Jurassic Organic-Rich Mudstone Source Rocks in the Northern Qaidam Basin, NW China
Liu Y-T, Hu K, Cao J, Yang S-Y & Bian L-Z

(2008) Fluid Inclusion and Trace Element of the Hong-Che Fault Calcite Cement, the Northwestern Junggar Basin
Cao J, Xie L, Wang X & Hu W

(2008) Distribution of Significant Trace Elements in Lower Cambrian Carbonaceous Black Shale Deposits from South China
Hu K, Zhou J, Cao J, Yao S-P & Bian L-Z

(2007) Biogeochemical Investigations of the Zunyi Sedimentary Ni-Mo-Pge Ores in the Lower Cambrian Black Shale Formation, South China
Hu K, Yao S, Pan J, Cao J & Zhou J

(2007) Intra-Reservoir Geochemical Heterogeneity in the Shixi Oilfield of the Central Junggar Basin, China
Tao G, Hu W, Cao J & Gao X

(2007) FTIR Features of Coals from the Ordos Basin (NW China): Implications on Hydrocarbons from Coal
Zhang K, Yao S & Cao J

(2007) Different Forms of Sulphur in the Lower Cambrian Ni-Mo Mineralized Black Shale in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, Southwest China
Zhou J, Hu K, Song SM, Cao J, Chen J & He B

(2006) Molecular Geochemical Signatures of Mixed Oils from the Mosuowan Area, Central Junggar Basin
Cao J, Hu W, Tao G & Gao X

(2006) Carbon, Oxygen and Strontium Isotopic Constraints on Fluid Flow in the Junggar Basin (NW China)
Cao J, Jin Z, Hu W, Yao S & Gao X

(2006) Modeling of Tibetan Dynamic Deformation with a Ductile Lower Crust
Shi Y, Cao J, Zhang C, Fan T, An M & Zhu S

(2006) Occurrence and distribution of organic sulfur, silver in organic matter of the Songxi Ag-Sb deposit, South China
Hu K, Cao J, Song SM & Li K

(2006) Fluid inclusion evidence for boiling process of petroleum fluid in the north Qaidam Basin (NW China)
Liu YT, Hu K, Cao J, Yang SY, Yan LL & Wang K

(2006) The Use of GOI and MCI of Oil Inclusions in Reconstructing Petroleum Charge History of Gas-Condensate Reservoirs, the Mobei Area, Central Junggar Basin
Jin Z, Xie X, Hu W & Cao J

(2005) Integrate Organic and Inorganic Geochemical Approaches to Reconstructing Oil-Filling History, NW Junggar Basin (NW China)
Cao J, Yao S, Zhang Y, Wang X & Tao G

(2005) Trace-Element of Calcite Cement in Reservoir Rocks as a Useful Tool Defining Hydrocarbon Migration Pattern, Junggar Basin, China
Hu W, Cao J, Zhang Y, Zhang Y & Gao X

(2005) Secular Evolution of Cretaceous-Cenozoic Lithosphere Mantle beneath the Cathaysia Block: Geochemical Evidence for Temporal Variations in Basaltic Mgmatism
Xie G, Mao J, Hu R, Li R & Cao J

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