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All abstracts by Donald Eugene Canfield in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Redox Control on Basal Animal Behavior and Metabolism
Mills D, Vargas S, Hasler-Sheetal H, Elemans C, Wörheide G & Canfield D

(2014) New Insights into Iron-Based Photosynthesis
Thompson K, Lliros M, Borrego C, Kenward P, Darchambeau F, Borges A, Canfield D & Crowe S

(2014) Iron Cycling in Neoproterozoic Ferruginous Oceans
Dahl TW, Anbar AD, Gordon GW & Canfield DE

(2014) NO3- Reduction is Fe-Dependent in a Ferruginous Chemocline
Michiels C, Darchambeau F, Roland F, Morana C, Lliros M, Garcia-Armisen T, Thamdrup B, Borges A, Bouillon S, Canfield D, Servais P, Descy J-P & Crowe S

(2014) Pelagic Photoferrotrophy Under a Genomic Lens
Crowe S, Hahn A, Llirós M, Thompson K, Canfield D & Hallam S

(2013) Establishment of Euxinic Oceanic Conditions Following the Lomagundi Event
Ngombi-Pemba L, Canfield DE, Hammarlund EU, Bengtson S, Pierson-Wickmann A-C, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Rouxel O & El Albani A

(2013) Sulfate was a Trace Constituent in the Oceans of the Early Earth
Canfield D, Crowe S, Jones C, Paris G, Adkins J, Session A, Farquhar J, Zerkle A, Kim S-T & Nomosatryo S

(2013) Oxygenic Photosynthesis 3 Billion Years ago
Crowe SA, Døssing LN, Beukes NJ, Bau M, Kruger SJ, Frei R & Canfield DE

(2013) High Sulfur Isotopic Fractionations in a Low-Sulfate Environment
Fallas Dotti M & Canfield D

(2013) Bacterial Phosphate Acquisition from Minerals in Ultra-Oligotrophic, Ferruginous Environments
Maresca J, Yao M, Jones C, Crowe S, DeLong E & Canfield D

(2013) Entire Community of Microbes Lacks Phospholipids
Jones C, Crowe SA, Viehweger B, Hinrichs K-U, Maresca JA, DeLong E, Nomosatryo S, Fowle D & Canfield D

(2013) Large Igneous Province Volcanism, Ocean Anoxia and Marine Mass Extinction
Ruhl M, Bjerrum CJ, Canfield DE, Korte C, Stemmerik L & Frei R

(2013) Photoferrotrophy and Fe-Cycling in a Freshwater Column
Llirós M, Crowe SA, García-Armisen T, Darchambeau F, Morana C, Borrego CM, Triadó-Margarit X, Bouillon S, Borges AV, Servais P, Canfield D & Descy JP

(2013) U Isotopes Disentangle Atmosphere-Ocean Oxygenation Dynamics
Dahl TW, Connelly JN, Gill BC, Canfield DE & Bizzarro M

(2013) Oxygen Minimum-Zone-Like Conditions from the Early Cambrian of Chengjiang, South China
Hammarlund E, Gaines R, Qi C & Canfield D

(2013) Experimentally Verifying the Low Oxygen Demands of Primitive Animals
Mills D, Ward L, Jones C, Forth M, Sweeten B, Treusch A & Canfield D

(2013) The Bacterial C-Isotope Archive: Modern Anoxygenic Phototrophs Elucidate Past Processes in S and Fe-Rich Systems
Posth NR, Bristow LA, Habicht KS, Cox RP & Canfield DE

(2013) High Sensitivity of Ammonia and Nitrite Oxidation Rates to Nanomolar Oxygen Concentrations
Bristow LA, Dalsgaard T, Tiano L, Mills D, Ulloa O, Canfield D, Revsbech N-P & Thamdrup B

(2012) Evidence for a Manganous Surface Sea at 2.5 Ga
Jones C, Poulton S, Crowe S & Canfield D

(2012) Cr Isotopes in a Ferruginous Lake
Crowe S, Basu A, Doessing L, Ellis A, Fowle D, Mucci A, Johnson T & Canfield D

(2012) Tracing Euxinia in Ancient Oceans with Molybdenum
Dahl TW & Canfield DE

(2012) Redox Oscillations in a Freshwater Analogue of Marine Pelagic Sediments: Lake Superior
Katsev S, Li J, Crowe S, Miklesh D, Kistner M & Canfield D

(2012) Profile of Sulfate Isotopic Composition of Lake Matano, Indonesia
Paris G, Adkins J, Sessions A, Crowe S, Jones C, Fowle D & Canfield D

(2011) The Anatomy of the Great Oxidation Event
Poulton S, Bekker A, Farquhar J, Zerkle A, Johnston D & Canfield D

(2011) High Methane Oxidation Rates in Ferruginous Lake Matano
Sturm A, Crowe S, Jones C, Leslie K, Canfield D, Nomosatryo S, Mucci A & Fowle D

(2011) A Precambrian Manganous Sea?
Jones C, Crowe SA & Canfield DE

(2011) The Many Flavors of Oxygen-Minimum Zones Past and Present
Canfield D

(2011) Fe-Poor and Sulfide-Rich: Mangrove Lake as a Precambrian Analogue?
Pellerin A, Wing B, Bui TH, Rough M, Mucci A & Canfield DE

(2011) Oxidative Weathering Fractionates Chromium Isotopes
Crowe S, Døssing L, MacLean L, Frei R, Fowle D, Mucci A & Canfield D

(2011) A Sulfidic Driver for the Late Ordovician Extinction
Hammarlund E, Dahl T, Harper D, Bond D, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

(2010) Migrations of Sediment Redox Boundaries as Indicators of Change in Oligotrophic Systems
Li J, Crowe S, Miklesh D, Canfield D & Katsev S

(2010) Biogeochemistry of Mn Oxidation in Lake Matano, Indonesia
Jones C, Crowe S, Canfield D, Sturm A, Fowle D, Katsev S, Mucci A, Sundby B & Nomosatryo S

(2010) Geochemistry of Major Elements in Lake Matano, Indonesia
Sturm A, Crowe S, Jones C, Fowle D, Canfield D, Katsev S, Mucci A & Nomosatryo S

(2010) Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology of a Modern, Ferruginous Chemocline
Crowe S, Canfield D, Fowle D, Jones C, Sturm A, Katsev S, Mucci A, Sundby B, Nomosatryo S & Haffner D

(2010) Ocean Oxygenation after the Rise of Animals
Dahl TW, Hammarlund E, Knoll AH, Anbar AD & Canfield DE

(2009) Anoxic and Oxic Phototrophic Primary Production during the Precambrian
Honeycutt C, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

(2009) Early Paleoproterozoic Fluctuations in Biospheric Oxygenation
Poulton S, Bekker A & Canfield D

(2009) Do δ98Mo Values in Marine Euxinic Sediments Reflect Seawater?
Dahl TW, Anbar A, Gordon G, Rosing MT, Frei RE & Canfield DE

(2009) Evaluating the S-Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phanerozoic Pyrite Burial
Wu N, Farquhar J, Strauss H, Kim S-T & Canfield D

(2009) Controls on Isotope Fractionation during Sulfate Reduction
Hoek J & Canfield D

(2009) Isotope Study of S-Cycle of Lago di Cadagno
Farquhar J, Canfield D, Zerkle A & Habicht K

(2008) Analyzing Trace Pigments in Oligotrophic Waters Using Long Pass Cell Spectrophotometry
Jones C, Crowe SA, Canfield D, Fowle D & Haffner D

(2008) Fractionation of Multiple Sulfur Isotopes during Phototrophic S Oxidation
Zerkle A, Farquhar J, Johnston D, Cox RP & Canfield D

(2008) Molybdenum Isotope Variations in a Redox-Stratified Lake; Removal Mechanism and Preservation in Euxinic Sediments
Dahl TW, Anbar AD, Gordon GW, Rosing MT, Frei RE & Canfield DE

(2007) Sulfate Reduction and Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Modern Evaporite Ponds
Mitchell K & Canfield D

(2007) Mo Isotope Variations in Meromictic Lake Cadagno
Dahl TW, Anbar AD, Gordon GW, Frei R & Canfield DE

(2006) One dimensional physico-chemical ecological ocean model: potential applications to Proterozoic biogeochemical cycling
Honeycutt C, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

(2006) Bioavailability of Mo in the Palaeoproterozoic ocean
Archer C, Poulton S, Vance D, Johnston D & Canfield D

(2006) Evolution of the oceanic sulfur cycle in the early Paleoproterozoic
Poulton SW & Canfield DE

(2006) Insight into the variability within the Proterozoic sulphur cycle
Johnston D, Poulton SW, Fralick PW, Wing BA, Canfield DE & Farquhar J

(2005) Multiple Isotope Effects Associated with Biogeochemical Networks
Farquhar J, Johnston D, Wing B, Ono S, Canfield D & Habicht K

(2005) Using the Multiple Isotopes of Sulfur to Constrain Microbial Processes in the Proterozoic Ocean
Johnston D, Farquhar J, Wing B, Lyons T, Kah L, Strauss H & Canfield D

(2004) Development of a Global Sulfidic Ocean at ~1.84 Ga: Evidence from Fe-S Systematics in the Rove Formation, Ontario
Poulton S, Canfield D & Fralick P

(2004) Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Methanogenesis in the Archean Ocean
Habicht K, Gade M, Thamdrup B, Berg P & Canfield D

(2004) From Dissolved Organic Carbon to Marine Snow in the Prokaryote Dominated Precambrian Oceans
Bjerrum C, Canfield D, Kiørboe T & Jackson G

(2004) Using 33S to Differentiate Biotic and Abiotic Suflur Isotope Signatures
Johnston D, Farquhar J, Wing B, Canfield D & Habicht K

(2003) Fe-S Systematics in the 1.88 Ga Virginia Formation: Implications for the Chemical Evolution of the Proterozoic Ocean
Poulton S & Canfield D

(2002) Constraining Sulfate Levels in Archean Oceans
Canfield D, Habicht KH, Thamdrup B & Berg P

(2002) Carbon Isotope Model of the Archean: Significance of Deep Ocean Carbonate Precipitation
Bjerrum CJ & Canfield DE

(2001) The Effect of Sulfate Concentration on the Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Sulfate Reduction by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
Habicht K & Canfield DE

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