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All abstracts by Riccardo Vannucci in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) U-Pb and Hf Isotopes in Zircons from Mantle Chromitites of the Finero Peridotite (Ivrea Verbano Zone)
Giovanardi T, Zanetti A, Mazzucchelli M, Tiepolo M, Wu F, Langone A & Vannucci R

(2009) Extreme Heterogeneity in the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle: Insights from the Lanzo Peridotite
Guarnieri L, Piccardo GB, Nakamura E, Shimizu N, Vannucci R & Zanetti A

(2006) Mg- and Fe-rich wehrlites: products of progressive melt/peridotite reaction?
Vannucci R, Raffone N, Chazot G, Pin C & Zanetti A

(2005) Insitu Single Spot Analysis of B Isotope Ratios by Laser Ablation Multiple Ion Counting ICPMS
Bouman C, Tiepolo M, Vannucci R & Schwieters J

(2004) The Earliest Stages of Formation of Oceanic Lithosphere in the Central Atlantic Ocean: The Oceanic Plate beneath the Canary Islands
Neumann E, Vannucci R, Tiepolo M, Griffin W & Pearson N

(2004) Geo-Neutrinos in Monitoring Geochemical and Geodynamic Models of Mantle Circulation
Fiorentini G, Lissia M, Mantovani F & Vannucci R

(2003) Light Lithophile Elements (Li, Be and B) Determination by Laser Ablation – ICPSFMS
Zanetti A, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

(2003) Light Lithophile Elements (Li, Be and B) Determination in Amphiboles: A Comparison between LA-ICP-SFMS and SIMS
Vannucci R, Tiepolo M & Zanetti A

(2002) Ultramafic Xenoliths from Nosy Be Island (N Madagascar)
Lustrino M, Melluso L, Morra V, Vannucci R & Zanetti A

(2002) Trace Element Behaviour during Magma Mingling: The Case Study of the Gabbro-Granite Association of Ota (Western Corsica)
Renna MR, Tiepolo M, Tribuzio R & Vannucci R

(2002) Trace Element Partitioning Evidence for Growth of Early Continental Crust from Amphibolites, not Eclogites
Foley S, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

(2002) Boron and Chlorine Cycling in the Subducted Hydrous Oceanic Mantle
Scambelluri M, Muentener O, Ottolini L, Pettke T & Vannucci R

(2002) The Composition of Mid Atlas Lithospheric Mantle
Raffone N, Zanetti A, Chazot G, Pin C & Vannucci R

(2002) In situ U-Pb Dating of Zircon by Means of Single-Collector Sector-Field LA-ICP-MS
Tiepolo M, Palenzona M & Vannucci R

Ciuffi S, Rivalenti G, Vannucci R, Zanetti A, Mazzucchelli M & Cingolani CA

(2002) Structural Constraints to Nb and Ta Incorporation in Minerals
Tiepolo M, Oberti R & Vannucci R

(2001) Experimentally Determined Titanite-Melt Partition Coefficients for High Field Strength, Rare Earth, Large Ion Lithophile and Selected Transition Elements
Tiepolo M, Oberti R & Vannucci R

(2001) Geochemistry of Mantle Xenoliths from Ibalrhatene (Mid Atlas, Morocco): Insights into the Lithospheric Mantle Evolution during Continental Rifting
Raffone N, Zanetti A, Chazot G, Deniel C & Vannucci R

(2001) Trace Element Partitioning during Melting of Subducting Ocean Crust
Foley SF, Tiepolo M, Vannucci R & Barth MG

(2001) Rutile/Mineral and Rutile/Liquid Partition Coefficients for HFSE, REE and Actinides: Results from Natural Eclogites and Partial Melting Experiments
Dardon A, Schmidt MW, Chazot G, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

(2000) Primary Liquid Composition in Continental Collisional Setting: Inferences from the Adamello and Val Masino-Bregaglia Intrusions (Central Alps)
Tiepolo M, Tribuzio R, Bottazzi P & Vannucci R

(2000) Light Lithophile (Li, Be and B), Volatile (H, F and Cl) and Trace Elements Composition of Mantle Amphiboles from Zabargad Peridotite: Insights into the Multistage Subsolidus Evolution of Sub-Continental Mantle during Red Sea Rifting
Zanetti A, Oberti R, Piccardo GB & Vannucci R

(2000) Solute-Rich Supercritical Fluids Released from Deeply Subducted Hydrous Mantle
Scambelluri M, Bottazzi P, Trommsdorff V & Vannucci R

(2000) Melt Migration in the Mantle Wedge: A Case Study from Patagonia Back-Arc
Laurora A, Mazzucchelli M, Rivalenti G, Vannucci R, Zanetti A & Cingolani CA

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