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All abstracts by Nicholas J. Butterfield in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Redox Controls on the Preservation of Organic Fossils Through the Neoproterozoic and the Cambrian
Guilbaud R, Slater BJ, Harvey THP, Poulton SW & Butterfield NJ

(2018) Mixing the Media: Soft-Sediment Versus Aquatic Bioturbation
Butterfield N

(2018) Bioturbation Increases the Preserved Sulfur Isotope Fractionation of Pyrite
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Pellerin A & Butterfield NJ

(2017) Pyritization of Shelly Fossils, a Multi-Disciplinary Case Study from the Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay
Haworth B, Turchyn AV, Poulton SW, Sadekov A & Butterfield NJ

(2017) Oxygen Minimum Zones in the Early Cambrian Ocean
Guilbaud R, Slater B, Poulton S, Harvey T, Brocks J, Nettersheim B & Butterfield N

(2017) Biological Pumps: From Microrganisms to Oceans
Butterfield N

(2015) Bioturbating the Oceans and Terminating the Proterozoic: Early Animals as Planetary Engineers
Butterfield N

(2015) Ultrastructural and Chemical Characterization of the Cryogenian Acritarch Cerebrosphaera
Cornet Y, Storme J-Y, Compère P, Butterfield N & Javaux EJ

(2015) Ocean Detoxification and Nutrient Cycling in the Early Neoproterozoic
Guilbaud R, Poulton SW, Butterfield NJ, Zhu M & Shields-Zhou GA

(2013) Inventing the Phanerozoic Biological Pump – And Inducing Snowball Earth
Butterfield N

(2012) The Unusual Nature of the Proterozoic Biomarker Record and the Mat-Seal Hypothesis
Brocks JJ, Pawlowska MM & Butterfield NJ

(2011) Coevolution of Early Animals and Environment
Butterfield N

(2007) Paradox of the Plankton: Why is Proterozoic Export Production Dominated by Cyanobacteria?
Butterfield N

(2000) The Early Evolution of Eukaryotic Heterotrophy
Butterfield NJ

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