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All abstracts by Henner Busemann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Lifetimes of Interstellar Dust from New Exposure Ages of Large Presolar SiC Grains
Heck P, Greer J, Koeoep L, Trappitsch R, Gyngard F, Davis A, Avila J, Busemann H, Colin M & Wieler R

(2018) Origin of the ~3.5 Ga Bon Accord Ni Deposit, Barberton, South Africa
Clay PL, O'Driscoll B, Day JMD, Burgess R, Bonnand P & Busemann H

(2018) Heterogeneous Distribution of Presolar SiC in the Tagish Lake Meteorite
Riebe M, Busemann H, Alexander C, Nittler L, Maden C, Herd C & Wieler R

(2018) Lunar Halogen Determinations Using a Noble Gas Approach
Burgess R, Clay P, Joy K, McDonald F, Busemann H, Ruzie-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Tartese R, Lyon I & Ballentine C

(2018) Halogens as Key Tracers of Volatile Evolution in the Terrestrial Planets
Clay PL, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Day JMD, Lyon I, King A, Russell SS, Schofield P & Ballentine CJ

(2016) The Primordial Noble Gas Content of CR and CI Chondrites
Busemann H, Kuga M, Spring N, Schrader D, Holinger S, Maden C & Fehr M

(2015) Noble Gases and Organic Matter – Correlations and Trends, and the Attempt to Date Phase Q
Busemann H, Holinger S, Riebe M, Kuga M, Spring N, Wieler R, Maden C & Clay P

(2014) Halogen Geochemistry of Planetary Building Blocks
Clay PL, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruzie L, Joachim B & Ballentine C

(2013) Halogen (Cl, Br and I) Inventory of the Primitive Meteorites
Clay P, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruzie L, Joachim B & Ballentine C

(2009) Microbial Geomorphology – The Role of a Biota in Coastal Erosion
Cockell C, Pybus D, Olsson-Francis K, Petley D, Howard K, Busemann H & Mosselmans F

(2008) Finding Needles in the Haystack: Coordinated Analyses on Planetary Materials
Zega T, Alexander C, Busemann H, Cody G, Kilcoyne D, Nguyen A, Nittler L & Stroud R

(2008) Interplanetary Dust Collected in the Comet Grigg-Skjellerup Dust Stream
Busemann H, Nguyen AN, Nittler LR, Stroud RM, Zega TJ, Cody G, Yabuta H & Kilcoyne ALD

(2005) Microscale D/H and C/H Imaging of Meteorites and IDPs – Calibration of Ion Microprobe Data with Terrestrial Analogues and Meteoritic Residues
Busemann H, Alexander C & Nittler L

(2003) Primordial Solar Noble Gases in E-Chondrites; A Planetary Connection?
Busemann H, Baur H & Wieler R

(2002) Noble Gas Characteristics of the E Chondrite St. Mark's
Busemann H, Baur H & Wieler R

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