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All abstracts by Peter Burns in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Multivariant Analysis of a Global Suite of Uranium-Rich Samples
Corcoran L, Spano T, Simonetti A, Lewis S, Gunther T, Dorais C & Burns PC

(2018) Experimental Thermochemistry of Neptunium Compounds
Zhang L, Dzik E, Perry S, Hickam S, Sigmon G, Szymanowski J, Navrotsky A & Burns P

(2017) Uranium Contamination from Abandoned Uranium Mines in the Navajo Nation
Moore N, Said M, Baumer T, Sadergaski L, Burns P, Simonetti A, Sigmon G & Shuey C

(2015) Geochemical Aspects of Nuclear Waste Management
Burns P

(2014) The Stability and Dissolution of Two Uranyl Peroxide Nanoclusters in Aqueous Solutions: U60 and U24P
Flynn S, Szymanowski J, Burns P & Fein J

(2012) Thermodynamic Stability of U60 Nanoclusters Based on Solubility Measurements
Flynn S, Szymanowski J & Burns P

(2011) Nuclear Forensic Analysis of Trinitite at High Spatial Resolution
Wallace C, Simonetti A & Burns P

(2010) Synthesis, Structures, Compositions and Properties of Uranium Nanoparticles
Burns P

(2007) Solubility Measurements of Neptunium-Incorporated Soddyite
Alessi D, Fein J, Forbes T, Burns P, Szymanowski J & Almes J

(2005) Crystal Structure of Uranium Oxalates
Giesting P, Porter N & Burns P

(2005) The Crystal Chemistry of Uranyl Peroxide Nanospheres
Kubatko K & Burns P

(2005) The Crystal Chemistry of Neptunium Sulfates and Phosphates
Ziemann T, Burns P, Soderholm L & Skanthakumar S

(2001) Investigations of the Autunite and Meta-Autunite Groups: Crystal Structure Refinements of Synthetic Zeunerite, Metatorbernite, Trögerite and Chernikovite
Locock AJ & Burns PC

(2001) Structures of Uranyl Minerals and Compounds Containing Tetrahedrally Coordinated Hexavalent Cations
Burns PC

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