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All abstracts by Ian T. Burke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Non-Conservative Behaviour of Li Isotopes in a Low Salinity Estuary
Murphy M, Porcelli D, Pogge von Strandmann P, Conrad S, Ingri J, Shaw S & Burke I

(2016) Fate and Behaviour of Vanadium during the Aerobic Neutralisation of Alkaline Steel Slag Leachate
Hobson A, Stewart D, Bray A, Mayes W, Riley A & Burke I

(2016) Surface Leaching of Vanadium from BOF Steel Slag: A µXAS and SEM Study
Hobson A, Stewart D, Bray A, Mayes W, Rogerson M & Burke I

(2016) A Cost Effective Alternative for Red Mud Rehabilitation
Bray AW, Stewart DI, Courtney R, Mayes WM & Burke IT

(2016) What are the Effects of Sediment Resuspension Events on Nutrient and Trace Metal Mobilisation along an Estuarine Continuum?
Vidal Dura A, Burke IT, Stewart DI & Mortimer RJG

(2016) Understanding the Behaviour of Organic Carbon-14 Compounds in Contaminated Groundwater
Boylan A, Stewart D, Graham J & Burke I

(2016) Coprecipitation of 14C and Sr with Carbonate Precipitates: The Importance of Reaction Kinetics and Recrystallization Pathways
Hodkin D, Stewart D, Graham J & Burke I

(2016) Cobalt Sorption to Ferrihydrite and Ferrihydrite-Humic Composites
Woodward G, Peacock C, Otero Fariña A, Law G, Thompson O & Burke I

(2015) The Formation and Transport of Iron in the Lena River: Insights from Microscopy and Modelling
Hirst C, Kutscher L, Shaw S, Burke IT, Maximov T, Mörth C-M, Andersson P & Porcelli D

(2014) Neutralisation of Red Mud Leachate: Mineralogical and Trace Metal Effects
Burke I, Peacock C, Lockwood C, Stewart D, Mortimer R, Ward M, Renforth P, Gruiz K & Mayes W

(2014) Enhanced Uptake of Sr into Calcite via an Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Precursor: An EXAFS Study
Littlewood J, Shaw S, Peacock CL, Trivedi D & Burke IT

(2014) Nano-Scale TEM Imaging of Caesium Incorporation into Illite Interlayers
Fuller A, Shaw S, Ward M, Haigh S, Mosselmans F, Peacock C, Stackhouse S, Dent A, Trivedi D & Burke I

(2013) Arsenic Release from Red Mud Affected Soil-Water Systems
Lockwood C, Mortimer R, Stewart D, Mayes W & Burke I

(2012) Solution Chemistry Controls Multisite Sorption of 137Cs on Micaceous Soils
Fuller A, Shaw S, Peacock C, Trivedi D & Burke I

(2012) Leak Fluid Chemistry Control on Sr-90 Sorption Mechanism in Sediments
Wallace S, Shaw S, Morris K, Small J & Burke I

(2011) Geomicrobiology of Hyperalkaline Cr(VI) Contaminated Land
Whittleston R, Burke I, Stewart D & Mortimer R

(2011) Speciation of Contaminant Metals in Red Mud from Ajka, Hungary
Burke I, Mayes W, Peacock C, Brown A, Jarvis A & Gruiz K

(2011) Incorporation of 90Sr into Alkaline Altered Sediments
Wallace S, Shaw S, Morris K, Small J & Burke I

(2011) Strontium Behaviour during Bioreduction in Nitrate Impacted Sediments
Thorpe CL, Lloyd JR, Morris K, Burke IT, Shaw S & Law GTW

(2010) Cr(VI) Removal from Alkaline COPR Leachate Using Green Rust
Rogers C, Shaw S, Burke I & Ahmed I

(2010) The Interactions of Neptunium with Fe(II) Bearing Biogenic Mineral Phases
Morris K, Law G, Geissler A, Livens F, Denecke M, Burke I & Lloyd J

(2009) Biostimulation of Nitrate, Iron and Chromate Reduction at Hyperalkaline Conditions
Whittleston R, Stewart D, Mortimer R & Burke I

(2009) Uranium and Neptunium Interactions with Biogenic Iron Minerals
Law G, Geissler A, Lloyd J, Burke I, Livens F, Denecke M, Dardenne K & Morris K

(2008) Microbially Mediated Chromate Reduction in Alkaline Soils
Burke IT, Stewart DI & Mortimer RJG

(2008) Adsorption and Reduction of U(VI) in Soil from Dounreay, UK
Begg J, Burke I, Boothman C, Lloyd J & Morris K

(2008) Redox Interactions of Technetium with Fe(II) Mineral Phases
McBeth JM, Morris K, Boothman C, Begg JDC, Burke IT, Charnock JM, Livens FR & Lloyd JR

(2008) Redox Controls on Tc, U, Np, and Pu Behaviour in Sediments
Law G, Geissler A, Lloyd J, Burke I, Livens F, Boothman C & Morris K

(2004) Technetium Solubility during the Onset of Progressive Anoxia
Morris K, Burke I, Boothman C, Lloyd J & Mortimer R

(2004) Technetium Remobilisation during the Reoxidation of Tc-Radiolabeled Sediments
Burke I, Boothman C, Livens F, Llyod J, Mortimer R & Morris K

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