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All abstracts by Hélène Bureau in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation in the Deep Earth
Gautier A, Bolfan-Casanova N, Moine B, Piani L, Bureau H & Khodja H

(2023) Experimental Monitoring of Iodine Degassing from Basaltic Volcanic Systems
Bureau H, Grützner T, Pakhomova A, Munsch P, Vangu D, Guarnelli Y, Siebert J, Garbarino G & Mezouar M

(2023) Hydrogen in an Early Magma Ocean: Implications for Earth’s Core Composition
Bouhifd A, Bolfan-Casanova N, Manthilake G, Delon R, Bureau H, Khodja H, Roskosz M & Gaillard F

(2023) The Atmospheric Component in Diamonds: Post-Eruption Contamination or Subduction-Related ?
Pinti DL, Daver L & Bureau H

(2021) Xenon High Pressure Crystal-Chemistry, Partitioning, and Isotopic Fractionation: What Does that Tell us About Atmosphere Formation on Earth and Mars
Sanloup C, Chen Q, Rzeplinski I, Bureau H, Horlait D, Shen G, Farla R, Gilabert E & Glazyrin K

(2021) Hydrogen Isotope Imaging in a Compound Ca-Al-Rich Inclusion: Insights on the Origin of Volatiles in the Earliest Solar System
Aléon J, Levy D, Aléon-Toppani A, Bureau H & Khodja H

(2021) Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis of Hydrogen Content in Diamonds
Bureau H, Khodja H, Estève I, Charrondière-Lewis M, Gaillou E, Boulliard J-C, Beneut K, Cartigny P & Demouchy S

(2021) Hydrogen in an Early Magma Ocean: Implications for Earth’s Core Composition
Bouhifd A, Delon R, Bolfan-Casanova N, Manthilake G, Schiavi F, Bureau H, Khodja H & Andrault D

(2021) Xenon Behavior in Deep Crust
Chen Q, Sanloup C, Bureau H, Glazyrin K & Farla R

(2021) Experimental Investigation of the Genesis of Volatile-Bearing Melts at the Bottom of the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Novella D, Frost D, Bureau H, Raepsaet C, Khodja H & Hauri EH

(2020) Heavy Rare Gases and Halogens in Magmas at Depth: Implications for Elemental and Isotopic Fractionation
Sanloup C, Crépisson C, Leroy C, Bureau H & Cochain B

(2019) Replicate Mantle Diamonds
Bureau H, Raepsaet C, Esteve I, Armastrong K & Manthilake G

(2019) Chlorine Incorporation in Lizardite and Antigorite: Mobility in Subduction Zones
Auzende AL, Bureau H, Schwartz S, Raepsaet C & Batanova V

(2019) Water Storage in Ca-Clinopyroxene at Great Depths, an Experimental and Analytical Study Using nanoSIMS
Bolfan-Casanova N, Bureau H, Gonzalez-Cano A, Demouchy S & Kodja H

(2018) In situ Analysis of Inclusions in Diamonds from Collections
Daver L, Bureau H, Gaillou É, Ferraris C, Boulliard J-C, Cartigny P & Pinti D

(2017) The Carbon Source for Lithospheric Diamonds
Bureau H, Remusat L, Esteve I, Pinti D & Cartigny P

(2017) Effect of Water on Metal-Silicate Partitioning and Hydrogen Incorporation in the Core of the Earth and Mars
Clesi V, Bouhifd MA, Bolfan-Casanova N, Manthilake G, Schiavi F, Raepsaet C, Bureau H, Khodja H & Andrault D

(2016) Micron-scale δ13C Determination by NanoSIMS in a Juina Diamond with a Carbonate Inclusion
Pinti DL, Ishida A, Takahata N, Bureau H, Cartigny P & Sano Y

(2015) Raman Spectroscopy Analyses to Determine the H Content of Nominally Anhydrous Minerals Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite
Novella D, Bolfan-Casanova N, Bureau H, Raepsaet C & Montagnac G

(2014) Trace Element Speciation in Silicic Melts at High Pressure
de Grouchy C, Sanloup C, Cochain B, Drewitt J, Leroy C, Bureau H, Schmidt B, Guignot N & Konopkova Z

(2013) F and Cl Solubilities in Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite
Roberge M, Bureau H, Bolfan-Casanova N, Frost D, Raepsaet C, Surble S, Khodja H & Fiquet G

(2012) Carbonated Basalts at Depth: Density, Compression Mechanisms, and Potential Buoyancy
Sanloup C, Crepisson C, Morard G, Bureau H, Prouteau G & PetitGirard S

(2011) Melting of Peridotite to 140 GPa
Fiquet G, Auzende A-L, Siebert J, Corgne A, Bureau H, Ozawa H & Garbarino G

(2011) Quantification of H in Olivine: Direct Calibration of FTIR and SIMS by ERDA
Withers A, Hirschmann M, Bureau H & Raepsaet C

(2011) Experimental Investigation of the Stability of Fe-Rich Carbonates in the Lower Mantle
Boulard E, Menguy N, Auzende A-L, Benzerara K, Bureau H, Antonangeli D, Corgne A, Morard G, Siebert J, Perrillat J-P, Guyot F & Fiquet G

(2007) ERDA of Hydrogen Content in Hydrous and Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Phases
Bureau H, Raepsaet C, Khodja H, Carraro A & Aubaud C

(2007) Hydrogen Concentration in Mantle Xenoliths from the Veneto Volcanic Province (NE Italy)
Carraro A, Bureau H, Visonà D, Raepsaet C, Fuchs Y & Khodja H

(2005) In situ Determination of the Partitioning of Pb, Rb, Sr between Hydrous Melts and Aqueous Fluids at High Pressure and Temperature
Bureau H, Menez B, Valerie M, Somogyi A, Munoz M, Simionovici A, Massare D, Burchard M, Kubsky S & Shaw C

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