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All abstracts by Michael Burchard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Melting of Felsic Crust at Mantle Depth: Implications for Orogenic Ultrapotassic Magmatism
Soder C, Burchard M, Ludwig T & Grimm J

(2017) U/Th Dating of Pteropod Rich Layers in Marine Sediment
Lausecker M, Bahr A, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Burchard M, Lippold J & Frank N

(2011) Birefringence Mapping: A New in situ Mass-Loss Technique for Determining Mineral Solubility
Gross J, Burchard M & Maresch WV

(2009) Determining Mineral Solubilities at HP and HT Using New Geometric and Birefringence Approaches
Gross J, Maresch WV & Burchard M

(2008) A Complete Thermodynamic Formalism for High-Pressure Aqueous Silicate Solutions in the Model System CaO-SiO2-H2O
Burchard M, Maresch WV, Doltsinis NL, Fockenberg T & Adeagbo WA

(2007) Werner Schreyer and the MASH-System: Results from Investigations on Natural Rocks and Experiments
Schertl H-P, Fockenberg T & Burchard M

(2007) Thermodynamic Properties and Stability of the High-Pressure Silicate Ellenbergerite in Natural Systems
Burchard M, Chopin C & Brunet F

(2007) A New Version of the Fe-Ti-Oxide Thermo-Oxybarometer Relevant to Basic Magmatic Rocks
Lattard D, Sauerzapf U, Burchard M & Engelmann R

(2007) Dissolved Quartz in Supercritical Water: Insights from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Doltsinis N, Maresch W, Burchard M & Fockenberg T

(2007) Modeling Silicate-Rich Fluids at High Pressures
Fockenberg T, Burchard M & Maresch W

(2005) In situ Determination of the Partitioning of Pb, Rb, Sr between Hydrous Melts and Aqueous Fluids at High Pressure and Temperature
Bureau H, Menez B, Valerie M, Somogyi A, Munoz M, Simionovici A, Massare D, Burchard M, Kubsky S & Shaw C

(2005) Fluids in the System CaO-Al<->2<$>O<->3<$>-SiO<->2<$>-H<->2<$>O (CASH) – Thermodynamic Modeling of Experimental Results
Burchard M, Fockenberg T & Maresch W

(2003) Minor Elements, HREE and δ18O Distribution in UHPGarnets from the Dora-Maira Massif (Western Alps): Evidence for Gneiss and Mg-Quartzite Interaction at UHP?
Brunet F, Chazot G, Burchard M, Vielzeuf D & Chopin C

(2003) Stability of La-Bearing Minerals in Metapelites from the Frederico Unit (Internal Rif, Morocco) and from the Lesser Himalayas (Western Nepal): Textural and Thermochemical Constraints
Janots E, Bollinger L, Brunet F, Burchard M, Goffe B & Bouybaouène M

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