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All abstracts by Thomas D. Bullen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Controls on the Ca-Sr-Ba Stable Isotope Composition of the Exchange Pool along a Soil Climosequence
Bullen T, Chadwick O & Fitzpatrick J

(2013) Metal Isotopic Distributions in Mycorrhizal Trees: Weathering Manifestations and within-Plant Fractionations
Bryce J, Hobbie E, Bullen T, Blichert-Toft J, Colpaert J, Hoff C, Meana-Prado MF, Telouk P & Vadeboncoeur M

(2013) Comparison of δ53Cr Ratios between Geogenic and Anthropogenic Chromium in Central European Waters
Novak M, Chrastny V, Farkas J, Bullen TD, Cadkova E, Szurmanova Z, Tylcer J, Erbanova L, Prechova E & Pasava J

(2013) The Societal Impact of Urban and Environmental Geochemistry: Pathways to Success
Bullen T

(2013) A "non-Chons" Stable Isotope View on Weathering and Hydrology
Bullen T

(2012) Determining Solute Sources and Water Flowpaths in Catchments Using the Ca-Sr-Ba Multi-Tracer
Bullen T, Bailey S & McGuire K

(2012) Landscape-Scale Pedogenic Relationships between Soil Carbon and Secondary Metal Oxides in Hubbard Brook Podzols, Northeastern US
Bourgault R, Ross D, Bailey S, Brousseau P, Gannon J, McGuire K & Bullen T

(2012) Marine Terrace Soils along the West Coast of North America: A Weathering Archive?
Schulz M, Lawrence C, Stonestrom D, Bullen T, Harden J, White A, Fitzpatrick J & Masiello C

(2012) A Sr Isotope Survey of a Marine Terrace Chronosequence: Equilibrium Interrupted
Fitzpatrick J, Schulz M, Bain D, Bullen T & White A

(2012) Investigating Controls on Calcium Isotope Ratios in Marine Carbonates and Barite Across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Griffith E, Fantle M, Bullen T, Eisenhauer A & Paytan A

(2011) The Expansion of Metal Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry into Biomedicine
Bullen T & Croteau M-N

(2010) Evidence of Iron Isotope Fractionation due to Biologic Lifting in a Soil Chronosequence
Schulz M, Bullen T, White A & Fitzpatrick J

(2010) Stable Isotope Signals of Metal Contaminants in the Environment: The Search Continues
Bullen T & Widory D

(2009) Multi-Isotope Approaches for Identification of Metal Contamination Sources in Environmental Systems
Bullen T, Widory D & Petelet-Giraud E

(2009) δ53Cr Mixing, Fractionation and Exchange in Contaminant Plumes
Izbicki J, Bullen T, Martin P & Schroth B

(2009) Formation Fluids-CO2-Sediment Interactions: Minimizing Environmental Impacts of CO2 Storage
Kharaka Y, Cole D, Thordsen J, Kakouros E & Bullen T

(2009) Lab vs Field Granite Weathering: A 12 Year Experiment
White A, Vivit D, Schulz M, Fitzpatrick J & Bullen T

(2009) Multi-Isotopic (H, O, C, S, Li, B, Si, Sr, Nd) Approach for Geothermal Fluid Characterization in Iceland
Millot R, Àsmundsson R, Négrel P, Sanjuan B & Bullen T

(2008) Chromium Mobilization from the Unsaturated Zone
Izbicki J, Kulp T, Bullen T, Ball J & O'Leary D

(2008) Chemical Interactions in Rainfall/Shallow Soil Pore Water in Coastal Watersheds
White A, Bullen T, Vivit D & Schulz M

(2008) Evidence for a Dynamic Marine Calcium Cycle during the Past 30 Million Years from a Record of Calcium Isotopes in Marine Barite
Griffith E, Paytan A & Bullen T

(2007) Potential Environmental Issues of CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers: Geochemical Results from the Frio Brine Pilot Tests, Texas, USA
Kharaka Y, Thordsen J, Hovorka S, Cole D, Phelps T & Bullen T

(2006) Isotopic fractionation of tellurium during reduction of Te(IV) and Te(VI) to Te(0)
Bullen T, Baesman S, Oremland R & Aggarwal J

(2006) Distinguishing Between Lithogenic and Biogenic Processes in Soil Weathering Environments
White A, Schulz M, Vivit D, Bullen TD & Aggarwal J

(2005) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Oxidation of Cr(III) by Manganese Oxides
Bain D & Bullen T

(2005) The Relationships between Groundwater Discharge and the Lower Jordan River
Farber E, Vengosh A, Gavrieli I, Marei A, Bullen T, Mayer B, Holtzman R, Segal M & Shavit U

(2005) Tracing Sources, Movement, and Fate of Hexavalent Cr in Ground Water Using Cr Stable Isotope Variations
Ball J, Izbicki J, Bullen T & Johnson T

(2005) Cr Isotopes as Indicators of Cr(VI) Reduction and Contaminant Sources
Johnson T, Bullen T, Ellis A, Sikora E & Kitchen J

(2005) Weathering and Uptake of Silicon in the Santa Cruz Terraces: New Evidence from Silicon Isotopes
Aggarwal J, White A & Bullen T

(2005) Seawater Calcium Isotopes from Marine Barite: A Potential Record of Carbonate Deposition in the Oceans
Morris E, Paytan A & Bullen T

(2004) Fe Isotopic Composition of Rivers
Fantle M, Bullen T & Depaolo D

(2004) Initial Results Describing the Scales of Contempory and Geologic Weathering on Marine Terraces, Santa Cruz, California, USA
White A, Schulz M, Vivit D, Bullen T & Blum A

(2003) Geochemical and Isotopic (Sr, B, O, H) Characterization of Groundwater from the Lower Cretaceous Sandstone Aquifer in the Negev and Arava Valley, Israel
Henig S, Vengosh A, Ganor J & Bullen T

(2003) Ca Isotope Fractionation during Ca-Carbonate Precipitation: There’s More to it Than Temperature
Bullen T, Kim S & Paytan A

(2002) Cr Stable Isotopes: Measurement, Systematics and Applications
Johnson TM, Ellis AS & Bullen TD

(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation: Does Equilibrium or Disequilibrium Rule?
Bullen T, White A, Mandernack K & Witte K

(2002) SHRIMP RG Measurements of 87Sr/86Sr in Granitoid Calcites; Implications for Calcite Petrogenesis
Schulz M, White A, Bacon C, Weber P & Bullen T

(2001) Bacterial Influences on the Concentration of Trace Metals and the Isotopic Composition of Fe Released from Minerals into Solution
Guynn RL, Brantley SL, Liermann L, Bullen TD, Anbar A & Barling J

(2000) Fractionation of Fe Isotopes by Soil Microbes and Organic Acids
Brantley S, Liermann L, Guynn R & Bullen T

(2000) A Model Describing Differential Rates of Feldspar Weathering in Granitic Regoliths
White A, Bullen T, Schulz M, Blum A, Huntington T & Peters N

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