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All abstracts by T Sakamoto in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Ontong Java Plateau and OAE1: Is there really a link?
Tejada ML, Suzuki K, Sakamoto T, Coccioni R, Kuroda J, Tatsumi Y & Mahoney JJ

(2005) SR-Xrf Analyses of Trace Elements in Electrum from Several Epithermal Gold Deposits, Japan
Sakamoto T, Shimada N, Abe D, Nakamura T, Nozaki W, Shimada K & Iida A

(2003) Formational Processes of Sedimentary Micro-Structure in Meromictic Lake Kaiike Sediments, Japan
Oguri K, Hirano S, Sakai S, Nakajima Y, Suga H & Sakamoto T

(2003) Synthesis of Pure Polycrystalline Diamond by Direct Conversion of Graphite at High Pressure
Irifune T, Kurio A, Sakamoto S, Inoue T & Sumiya H

(2003) Paleoceanographic Reconstruction in the Okhotsk Sea: Evedince from Calcareous Microfossil Record in MD01-2412
Asahi H, Takahashi K, Ono A, Hori J, Ikehara M & Sakamoto T

(2003) Millennium Scale Paleoceanographic Changes in High Sedimentation IMAGES Core MD01-2412 in the Southwestern Part of the Sea of Okhotsk
Sakamoto T, Ikehara M, Uchida M, Aoki K, Harada N & Kanamatsu T

(2003) Fluctuation of Alkenone Temperature in the Okhotsk Sea over the Last 20 ka
Harada N, Ahagon N, Uchida M, Sakamoto T & Ikehara M

(2003) Oxygen Isotope Geothermometry of Skarn Developed in Ichinotake Limestone, North Kyushu, Japan
Sakamoto T, Shimada N, Chiba H & Ishibashi J

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