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All abstracts by Georg Büchel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Combination of REE and Sr/Nd Isotopes to Study Soil/Water/Biomass Interactions in a Former U Mining Area
Sporleder D, Grawunder A, Steinmann M & Büchel G

(2017) Actors in Rock-Water-Systems: Microbial Radionuclide Mobilization
Burow K, Grawunder A, Harpke M, Schäfer D, Bock S, Dietrich N, Merten D, Kothe E & Büchel G

(2015) Does Birch Vegetation Influence the Bioavailability of Metals in U Mining Affected Substrate? A Mesocosm Experiment
Märten A, Merten D, Kothe E & Büchel G

(2015) Time-Resolved in situ Detection of Newly Formed Secondary Mn and Fe Oxides Using a SQUID Gradiometer Technique
Schäffner F, De Giudici G, Linzen S, Merten D & Büchel G

(2015) Tracing the Evolution of Groundwater by Rare Earth Element Patterns and Stable Isotopes
Merten D, Büchel G & Lonschinski M

(2014) Biomineralization of Mn Oxides by Mn(II)-Oxidizing Bacilli from an Extreme Environment
Mayanna S, Peacock CL, Ciobota V, Narayana VKB, Kothe E, Rösch P, Popp J & Büchel G

(2013) Origin of REE Patterns in AMD-Impacted Areas
Grawunder A, Meißner S, Merten D, Pašalić S, Karlsson S, Allard B & Büchel G

(2011) Formation of Secondary Minerals – A Lysimeter Approach
Schäffner F, Merten D, De Giudici G, Ricci PC & Büchel G

(2011) Biogenic Mn Oxide Formation at pH 5.5 and 7 by New Mn-Oxidizing Bacteria from a Former U Mining Site
Akob D, Beyer A, Schäffner F, Händel M, Merten D, Büchel G, Totsche KU & Küsel K

(2010) Nickel Sulfide Formation by a Sulfate-Reducing Consortium Originating from Heavy Metal Polluted Creek Soil
Sitte J, Pollok K, Finster K, Löffler S, Burkhardt E-M, Langenhorst F, Büchel G & Küsel K

(2010) Buchite Type Glasses in the West Eifel Volcanic Field (Germany)
Goepel A, Heide K, Merten D & Büchel G

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