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All abstracts by Antonella Buccianti in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Is the Dissipative Behavior of River Chemistry and Catchment Weathering Dynamics Reflected in their Frequency Distributions?
Sauro Graziano R, Kleidon A, Buccianti A, Gozzi C, Nisi B & Vaselli O

(2021) Can Compositional Changes In Riverine Chemistry Monitor Geochemical Regime Shifts?
Gozzi C, Dakos V, Buccianti A, Vaselli O & Sauro Graziano R

(2019) A microXRF Study of Silicon and its Behaviour in Lung Tissues with Evidence of Silicosis
Di Benedetto F, Belluso E, Cappella S, Vison├á S, Moretti M, Osculati A, Buccianti A, Giaccherini A, Romanelli M, Montegrossi G, Arcangeli G & Capacci F

(2019) The Geochemical Landscapes of the Tiber River Basin (Central Italy) as a Product of Chemical and Physical Weathering
Gozzi C, Rantitsch G, Filzmoser P, Sauro Graziano R, Vaselli O, Nisi B & Buccianti A

(2015) Heavy Metals in Soil of Campania Region (Italy): Sources and Risks
De Vivo B, Albanese S, Lima A, Buccianti A, Cicchella D, Minolfi G, Rezza C & Qu C

(2013) Geochemical Processes Affecting Stream Water at European Scale Investigated by Differential Scaling Operator (Perturbation) in the Simplex Metric
Buccianti A, Egozcue JJ & Pawlowsky-Glahn V

(2013) Fluid Geochemistry of the Deep CO2-Rich Caprese Reservoir (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Bicocchi G, Tassi F, Bonini M, Capecchiacci F, Ruggieri G, Chiodini G, Buccianti A & Vaselli O

(2009) Influence of the Analytical Errors in Geochemical Modeling Programs
Bicocchi G, Buccianti A, Montegrossi G & Tassi F

(2007) Statistical Evaluation of Anomalous Compositions in Fluid Geochemistry
Buccianti A, Tassi F & Vaselli O

(2006) Natural fluctuation of sulfur species (SO2, H2S and S80 ) in volcanic fumaroles
Minissale A, Montegrossi G, Tassi F, Vaselli O & Buccianti A

(2000) Bi-Plot Analysis to Explore Major Oxide Composition in Basic Rocks from Filicudi (Aeolian Islands, Southern Italy): Comparison with Classical Harker Diagrams
Buccianti A, Peccerillo A & Santo AP

(2000) Multivariate Analysis of Water Geochemical Data: A Case Study in the Chiavenna Valley (Central Alps, Northern Italy)
Buccianti A, Vaselli O, Minissale A, Tassi F & Gallorini L

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