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All abstracts by Mark A. Brzezinski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Interpreting the Oceanic Silicon Stable Isotope Distribution: Insights from Ocean GCMs
de Souza G, Slater R, Dunne J, Hain M, Brzezinski M & Sarmiento J

(2014) Coupling of Silicon Isotopes to the Meridional Overturning Circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean
Brzezinski M & Jones J

(2014) Model-Based Assessment of the Sources of the North Atlantic Si Isotope Signature
de Souza GF, Brzezinski MA, Slater RD & Sarmiento JL

(2011) Southern Ocean Nitrogen and Silicon Dynamics during the Last Deglaciation
Robinson R, Horn M, Beucher C & Brzezinski M

(2006) An inter-laboratory calibration of Si isotope reference materials
Reynolds BC, Aggarwal J, Brzezinski MA, Cardinal D, Engström E, Georg RB, Land M, Leng M, Opfergelt S & Vroon PZ

(2002) The δ30Si Values of Soil Weathering Profiles: Indicators of Si Pathways at the Lithosphere/Hydro(bio)sphere Interface
Ziegler K, Chadwick OA, Kelly EF & Brzezinski MA

(2000) Silicon Isotope Fractionation during Weathering and Soil Formation: Experimental Results
Ziegler K, Chadwick OA, Kelly EF, Brzezinski MA & DeNiro MJ

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