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All abstracts by Ekaterina Salnikova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Calcic Garnets as a Promising U-Pb Geochronometers
Salnikova E, Chakhmouradian A, Stifeeva M, Reguir E & Nikiforov A

(2017) Fragments of Paleoproterozoic LIPs in the Eastern Fennoscandia: Implications for the Life Span of the Lapland-Kola Ocean
Stepanova A, Samsonov A, Salnikova E, Arzamastsev A, Puchtel I, Kepezhinskas P, Egorova S, Larionova Y & Erofeeva K

(2017) The 1.98 Ga Mafic Sills in the Karelian Province as an Integrated Part of Phanerozoic-Type LIP
Samsonov A, Stepanova A, Larionov A, Larionova Y, Salnikova E & Egorova S

(2017) Isotope and Geochemical Characteristics of Native Gold from the Olympic Dam Deposit
Beznosikova J, Yakubovich O, Kamenetsky V, Ehrig K, Savatenkov V & Salnikova E

(2015) Composition and Duration of Paleoproterozoic Plume Events: A Case Study of 2.45 Ga Mafic Dyke Swarms in the Karelian Craton, Fennoscandian Shield
Stepanova A, Salnikova E, Samsonov A, Larionova Y & Stepanov V

(2013) ‘Kimberlitic’ Zircons from Paleproterozoic Kimozero Kimberlites (Karelia): Mineralogy, Geochemistry and U-Pb Geochronology
Griban J, Samsonov A, Salnikiva C & Lepehina C

(2013) The Paleoproterozoic MORB-Type Tholeiitic Dykes as Indicators of Early Continents Breakup
Stepanova A, Samsonov A, Salnikova E, Larionova Y, Larionov A & Stepanov V

(2013) (U-Th)/He Dating of Native Gold: Problems and Perspectives
Yakubovich O, Shukolyukov* Y, Salnikova K, Yakovleva S, Gorokhovsky B & Kotov A

(2005) Kalar Complex (Siberian Craton) – The Oldest Example of the Anorthosite-Mangerite-Charnockite-Granite (AMCG) Association
Larin A, Kotov A, Salnikova E, Glebovitsky V & Kovach V

(2002) Age, Sources and Geodynamic Setting of the Paleoproterozoic Granitoids in the Western Aldan Shield (Eastern Siberia)
Salnikova E, Kotov A, Yakovleva S & Kovach V

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