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All abstracts by Michael Brown in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Crash, Bang, Crustal Nuclei?
Kirkland CL, Johnson T, Brown M & Sutton P

(2023) Giant Impacts and the Origin and Evolution of Archean Cratons
Brown M, Kirkland CL, Johnson T & Sutton P

(2021) How Far Back? Testing Plate Tectonics as the Null Hypothesis
Brown M & Johnson T

(2019) On the Emergence of Plate Tectonics
Brown M & Johnson T

(2018) Phase Equilibria of MT–UHP Eclogite: A Case Study of Coesite Eclogite at Yangkou, Sulu Belt, China
Xia B, Brown M, Wang L, Wang S & Piccoli P

(2018) Secular and Cyclic Variation of the Heat Budget of Metamorphism: Geodynamic Implications
Brown M & Johnson T

(2017) Generation and Evolution of Fluid/ Melt during Exhumation from UHP Conditions
Brown M, Wang S-J, Wang L, Piccoli P & Johnson T

(2017) Earth’s First Stable Continents did not Form by Subduction
Johnson T, Brown M, Gardiner N, Kirkland C & Smithies H

(2015) Archean Crust: A Modeling Perspective
Brown M, Sizova E, Gerya T & Stüwe K

(2015) Evolution of Earth's Early Crust – Coupling Petrological and Numerical Modelling
Johnson T, Brown M, Kaus B, VanTongeren J & Herzberg C

(2014) When the Continental Crust Melts
Cesare B, Brown M & Sawyer EW

(2013) Phase Equilibria Modelling of Open System Melting: Some Implications
Yakymchuk C & Brown M

(2013) The Fate of Archean Primary Crust and the Transition to Subduction
Brown M, Johnson T & VanTongeren J

(2013) Petrogenesis of Peraluminous Granites from Deep Crustal Sources
Brown C, Brown M & Piccoli P

(2012) Cretaceous P-T-T Evolution of the Fosdick Migmatite-Granite Complex, West Antarctica: Orogenic Collapse along the East Gondwana Margin
Yakymchuk C, Korhonen FJ, Brown M, Piccoli PM & Siddoway CS

(2011) Decompression Melting in Tectonics: Where’s the Melt?
Yakymchuk C, Korhonen F & Brown M

(2007) Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotopes Trace Magma-Wall Rock Interactions in the Bushveld Complex
Penniston-Dorland S, Wing B, Farquhar J, Brown M & Nex P

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