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All abstracts by Thomas Rabung in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Impact of Carbonate on the Sorption of Eu(III) and Cm(III) on Clay Minerals: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study
Skerencak-Frech A, Rieder F, Trumm M, Rabung T & Geckeis H

(2019) Impact of α–D–gluconic Acid on the Solubility and Speciation of An(III)/Ln(III) in Dilute to Concentrated NaCl/MgCl2 Solutions
Tasi A, Gaona X, Rabung T, Kutus B, Sipos P, Altmaier M & Geckeis H

(2019) Sorption Behaviour of di- and Trivalent Radionuclides on Oxidesurfaces at High Salt Concentrations
García D, Lützenkirchen J, Petrov V, Siebentritt M, Huguenel M, Camels L, Schild D, Lefèvre G, Rabung T, Altmaier M, Kalmykov S, Duro L & Geckeis H

(2013) Solubility and TRLFS Studies on Nd(III)/Cm(III) Complexation with Gluconate in NaCl and CaCl2 Media
Rojo H, Gaona X, Rabung T, Garcia M, Missana T & Altmaier M

(2013) Competitive Effect of Al(III) on Eu(III) Sorption to Illite
Marsac R, Schnurr A, Kupcik T, Rabung T, Schäfer T, Banik NL, Marquardt C, Marques-Fernandez M, Baeyens B, Bradbury M & Geckeis H

(2004) Incorporation of Trivalent Actinides (Cm(III)) in Calcite: A Time Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TRLFS) Study
Marques Fernandes M, Stumpf T, Rabung T, Bosbach D, Bauer A & Fanghaenel T

(2002) Cm(III) / Eu(III) Coprecipitation Wit´h Powellite (CaMoO4) during HLW Glass Corrosion
Bosbach D, Bosbach D, Rabung T & Luckscheiter B

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