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All abstracts by Henk Brinkhuis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Microbial Organic Matter Diagenesis and Carbon Cycling within Deep-Sea Antarctica Sediments
Carr S, Mandernack K, Mills C, Schubotz F, Dias R, Dunbar R, Summons R, Escutia C & Brinkhuis H

(2010) Microbial Communities and Carbon Cycling within Deep Sea Marine Sediments off Eastern Antarctica
Carr S, Jimenez-Espejo‎ FJ, van de Flierdt T, Dunbar R, Escutia C, Brinkhuis H & Klaus A

(2010) Parallel Trends in Middle Eocene Temperatures and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration?
Bijl PK, Houben AJP, Schouten S, Bohaty SM, Sluijs A, Reichart G-J, Sinninghe Damste JS & Brinkhuis H

(2009) Evolution of Sea Surface Temperatures in the Eocene and Oligocene Reconstructed Using Organic Proxies
Schouten S, Bohaty S, Houben S, Bijl P, Sluijs A, Eldrett J, Harding I, Sinninghe Damste J & Brinkhuis H

(2007) The Magnitude of Ocean Warming during the PETM: Implications for Forcing and Climate Sensitivity
Zachos J, McCarren H, Bohaty S, John C, Sluijs A, Brinkhuis H, Sinninghe Damste J, Schouten S & Sloan L

(2005) Likely and Unlikely Ocean Feedbacks on Global Climate during the Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Huber M & Brinkhuis H

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