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All abstracts by Gregory A. Brennecka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Cosmolocation of the Solar System’s Earliest Dated Solids
Brennecka G, Burkhardt C, Nimmo F, Kruijer T & Kleine T

(2018) Er, Yb, and Hf Isotope Systematics of Early Solar System Materials
Shollenberger Q, Render J & Brennecka G

(2017) A Low Abundance of 135Cs in the Early Solar System: Barium Isotopic Signatures of Volatile-Depleted Meteorites
Brennecka G & Kleine T

(2016) 182W–142Nd Constraints on the Early Differentiation of Mars
Kruijer T, Kleine T, Borg L, Brennecka G, Fischer-Gödde M, Irving T, Bischoff A & Agee C

(2016) Earth's Higher-Than-Chondritic 142Nd is not due to Early Global Silicate Differentiation
Burkhardt C, Borg L, Brennecka G, Shollenberger Q, Dauphas N & Kleine T

(2016) Hafnium Isotopic Compositions of Refractory Inclusions
Render J, Brennecka G, Kruijer T & Kleine T

(2016) Uniform yet Distinct Isotopic Reservoirs in the Early Solar System: Evidence from Er and Yb Isotopes in Refractory Inclusions
Shollenberger Q, Brennecka G & Borg L

(2016) The Isotopic Character of Early Solar System Events
Brennecka G, Borg L & Wadhwa M

(2016) What Controls the Mo Stable Isotopic Composition of MORBs?
Bezard R, Fischer-Gödde M, Hamelin C, Brennecka G & Kleine T

(2015) A Renewed Search for Extant 126Sn: Te Isotopics of Allende CAIs Obtained by HG-ICPMS
Brennecka G, Borg L, Romaniello S, Souders AK & Wadhwa M

(2015) The Sm and Nd Isotopic Composition of Chondrites and the Earth
Burkhardt C, Borg L, Brennecka G, Dauphas N & Kleine T

(2013) The 238U/235U of the Earth and the Solar System
Goldmann A, Brennecka G, Noordmann J, Weyer S & Wadhwa M

(2013) Evidence for Supernova Injection into the Solar Nebula and the Decoupling of R-Process Nucleosynthesis
Brennecka G, Borg L & Wadhwa M

(2011) 238U/235U Ratios of Angrites: Adjusting Absolute Ages of Anchors
Brennecka GA & Wadhwa M

(2011) The Formation of the Angritic Crust
Bouvier A, Brennecka G, Sanborn M & Wadhwa M

(2010) The Mechanism of Uranium Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption to Mn Oxyhydroxide
Wasylenki L, Brennecka G, Bargar J & Anbar A

(2010) Refining the U-Pb Chronology of the Early Solar System
Bouvier A, Brennecka G & Wadhwa M

(2009) U Isotope Variations in CAIs: Implications for the Age of the Solar System
Weyer S, Brennecka G, Zipfel J, Wadhwa M & Anbar A

(2008) Experiments Demonstrate that Uranium Isotopes Fractionate during Adsorption to Mn-Oxides
Brennecka G, Wasylenki L, Weyer S & Anbar A

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