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All abstracts by Alan D. Brandon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Evaluating Nd Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Enstatite Chondrites
Brandon A, McLeod C, Rankenburg K & Becker H

(2018) Melting History of Northern Mariana Residual Trench Peridotite: A Re-Os-PGE Study
Ghosh T, Snow JE & Brandon AD

(2018) Seawater 187Os/188Os Variations during the Mid-Cenomanian Event
Lauckner L, Brandon A, Eldrett J & Minisini D

(2018) Stable Sr Isotopes of Carbonate Fractions as Tracer for Weathering Activity during OAE2
Nana Yobo L, Brandon A, Eldrett J & Minisini D

(2017) The Enigma of Large-Scale Os Isotopic Homogeneity Across the Solar System
Goderis S, Brandon AD, Mayer B & Humayun M

(2017) NWA 7034 and the Isotopic Diversity of the Martian Mantle
Armytage R, Debaille V, Brandon AD & Agee CB

(2017) Evaluating Crustal Contamination Effects on the Lithophile Trace Element Budget of Shergottites
Brandon A, Ferdous J & Peslier A

(2016) Why are Mantle Melting Residues Still Hydrous?
Schaffer L, Peslier A, Brandon A, Bizimis M & Matney M

(2016) Sr Isotope and Trace Element Evidence in Lunar Granulite NWA 3163 for a Lunar Upheaval in the Moon at 4.35 Ga
McLeod C & Brandon A

(2016) Water of the Canadian Cordillera and Slave Craton Lithospheric Mantle
Gelber M, Peslier A, Brandon A & Kopylova M

(2016) NWA 7034 and the Enriched End-Member for Shergottites
Armytage R, Debaille V & Brandon A

(2015) Nucleosynthetic Os Isotope Anomalies Expressed by Melting in Ureilites
Goderis S, Brandon A, Mayer B & Humayun M

(2015) Re-Os Systematics in Organic-Rich Mud Rocks of the Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas
Wright S, Brandon A & Casey J

(2015) To Subduct or not to Subduct? that is the Archaean Question…
Debaille V, O'Neill C & Brandon AD

(2014) High-Precision Os Isotopes of CV-CK Carbonaceous Chondrites
Goderis S, Brandon AD & Humayun M

(2014) Sulfur Recycling in Subduction Zones
Brandon A, Farquhar J & Hauri E

(2014) Isotopic Evolution of the Backarc Oceanic Mantle
Nelson W, Snow J, Brandon A & Ohara Y

(2013) Constraining the History of the Mojavian Lithosphere with Sr, Nd, Hf, and Os Isotopes of Peridotite Xenoliths from Dish Hill, California
Armytage R, Brandon A, Peslier A & Lapen T

(2013) Rhenium-Osmium Isotope Geochronology of the Neoproterozoic Fifteenmile Group, Coal Creek Inlier, Yukon, Canada
Braun S, Brandon A, Macdonald F, van Acken D & Creaser R

(2013) Did the Moon Form at 4.36 Ga?
McLeod C & Brandon A

(2013) Re-Os-PGE Constraints on the Evolution of Backarc Oceanic Mantle
Nelson W, Snow J, Brandon A, Ohara Y & Lee C-T

(2013) Testing Models for Continental Growth and Melt-Rock Interaction from 186Os-187Os Isotopes in Southwest USA Mantle Xenoliths
Brandon A

(2012) The Shergottite Chronology Debate: In Support of Young Igneous Crystallization Ages
Brandon A

(2012) Tungsten Isotopic Evolution of the Earliest Terrestrial Mantle
Humayun M, Brandon A & Righter K

(2012) Stagnant-Lid Tectonics in Early Earth Revealed by 142Nd Variations in Late Archean Rocks
Debaille V, O'Neill C, Brandon A, Haenecour P, Yin Q-Z, Mattielli N & Treiman A

(2010) Hybridized Mantle Sources of Shergottites and ALH 84001
Lapen T & Brandon A

(2010) Clues to the Formation of the Terrestrial Planets from Highly Siderophile Elements
Walker R, Puchtel I, Day J, Galenas M & Brandon A

(2010) The HSE Budget in Early Mars and Genesis of Shergottites
Brandon A, Puchtel I, Day J & Walker R

(2010) Osmium Isotopes in Aubrites
van Acken D & Brandon AD

(2010) Northwest Africa 3163: A Window into the Deep Lunar Crust?
Shafer J, Hall C, Lapen T & Brandon A

(2010) Hadean Isotopic Signatures in Mesoarchean Pillow Basalts, Southern West Greenland
Bennett V, Brandon A, Jenner F & Nutman A

(2010) 186-Os Systematics of Hawaiian Picrites
Ireland T, Walker R & Brandon A

(2008) The Controversy on the Bulk Sm/Nd of the Moon
Brandon A

(2008) Age and Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics of RBT04262 and Implications for the Sources of Enriched Shergottites
Lapen T, Brandon A, Beard B, Peslier A, Lee C-T & Dalton H

(2008) The Age, Duration, and Depth of a Turbulent Magma Ocean in Mars
Debaille V, Brandon AD, Yin Q-Z & Jacobsen B

(2008) Petrology of New Martian Meteorite LAR06319, an Olivine-Pheric Basaltic Shergottite
Peslier A, Brandon A, Lapen T & Lee C-T

(2008) Trace Element Analysis and Petrology of Martian Meteorite RBT04262
Dalton H, Lee C-T, Peslier A & Brandon A

(2008) The Search for Global Variations in 142Nd Isotopic Compositions of Eoarchean Rocks
Bennett V, Brandon A, Nutman A, Wan Y & Black L

(2007) Pt-Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of Belingwe Komatiites
Puchtel I, Brandon A, Walker R & Nisbet E

(2007) Isotopic Constraints on Picritic Magmatism, Iceland
Waight T, Brandon A, Graham D & Gautason B

(2007) Geochemical Tracing of Core-Mantle Interaction: High-Precision W Isotopic Data on Komatiites Using TIMS
Becker H, Brandon A & Walker R

(2007) Os-He Isotope Systematics of Iceland Picrites: Evidence for a Deep Origin of the Iceland Plume
Brandon A, Graham D, Waight T & Gautason B

(2007) Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Isotopic Study of Martian Meteorites: Implications for Early Differentiation on Mars
Debaille V, Yin Q-Z, Brandon AD & Jacobsen B

(2007) Crust- Mantle Dynamics in the Early Earth: The <sup>142-143</sup>Nd and 176Hf Isotopic Perspective
Bennett V, Brandon A, Hiess J & Nutman A

(2006) Mantle-Core Interactions Overview: The Os Isotope Perspective
Brandon A

(2006) The Search for Evidence of Chemical Interaction Between the Core and Mantle
Walker R, Ireland T & Brandon A

(2006) Origin of the Jan Mayen Hotspot: An 187Os/188Os and PGE perspective.
Debaille V, Tronnes RG, Brandon AD & Lee C-TA

(2005) Implications of Mantle Fe/Mn for Mantle Plumes
Humayun M, Qin L & Brandon A

(2005) The Platinum Group Element and Re-Os Isotopic Composition of the Emperor Seamount Chain
Shafer J, Neal C & Brandon A

(2005) Pt-Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of 2.8<!s><$>Ga Komatiites
Puchtel IS, Brandon AD, Humayun M & Walker RJ

(2005) Platinum-Osmium Isotope Evolution of the Earth's Mantle
Brandon A, Walker R, Puchtel I & Humayun M

(2002) 186Os-187Os Systematics of Gorgona Komatiites and Iceland Picrites
Brandon A

(2002) Melt-Rock Reaction in Canadian Cordillera Mantle Xenoliths
Peslier AH, Brandon AD, Francis D & Ludden J

(2002) PGEs in Icelandic Picrites
Humayun M, Puchtel IS & Brandon AD

(2000) Siderophile Elements in Earth's Upper Mantle and Lunar Breccias: Manifestations of the Same Late Influx
Morgan JW, Walker RJ, Brandon AD & Horan MF

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