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All abstracts by Adrian J. Boyce in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Understanding Surface Water Incursion in a Shallow, Arsenic-Affected Aquifer in Cambodia: An Application of Geochemical Tracers
Richards LA, Magnone D, Sovann C, Sültenfuß J, Boyce AJ, Bryant C, van Dongen BE, Ballentine CJ & Polya DA

(2017) Mineralogy of Reactive Iron Species: Combining Sequential Extractions and Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Hepburn L, Schröder C, Butler I & Boyce A

(2016) Trace Metals and Isotopes in Estonian Black Shales: Cambro-Ordovician Shallow Water Anoxia on the Baltica Shelf?
Johnson S, McGoldrick P, Systra Y, Meffre S, Large R, Raub T, Boyce A & Lyons T

(2015) The Nature of the Early Cenozoic Alkaline Mafic Magmatism: Implications for Mantle Source
Deniz K, Kadioglu YK, Stuart FM, Ellam RM, Boyce AJ & Barfod D

(2015) Banded Iron-Formation Carbonates: Diagenetic Proxies or Records of Primary Water-Column Processes?
Rafuza S, Tsikos H, Oonk PBH, Boyce AJ & Grocke DR

(2014) Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Alpine Fault Zone, New Zealand
Menzies CD, Teagle DAH, Cox SC, Boulton CJ, Boyce AJ & Barrie CD

(2014) Mantle Heat found in Hydrothermal Fluids Responsible for Carbonate-Hosted Base Metal Deposits: Evidence from 3He/4He of Ore
Davidheiser-Kroll B, Stuart F & Boyce A

(2014) Tracing Seawater Evaporation and Evaporite Formation in the Zambian Copperbelt; Evidence from Fluid Inclusion, Crush-Leach Halogen and Stable Isotope Analyses
Roberts S, Nowecki J, Gleeson S & Boyce A

(2014) Are Re Concentrations in Porphyry Copper Deposits the Result of Hydrothermal Fluid-Country Rock Interactions? Evidence from Stable Isotope Analyses (δ34S, δ18O, δD) of the Muratdere Au-Cu (Mo-Re) Porphyry Deposit, Turkey
Sullivan K, Roberts S, Naden J, Lusty P, McDonald I & Boyce A

(2013) Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle and Mantle Plume Controls on Crustal PGE Abundance: A Case Study of Palaeogene Magma Conduits from Western Scotland, UK
Hughes H, McDonald I, Kerr A & Boyce A

(2013) Assimilation of Sediments Embedded in the Oceanic Arc Crust: Myth or Reality?
Bezard R, Davidson J, Turner S, Macpherson C, Lindsay J & Boyce A

(2012) Geochemical Trends Across the Palaeoproterozoic Kuruman & Griquatown BIFs, Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa, and Implications for the GOE
Tsikos H, Fryer L, Williams H, Poulton S & Boyce A

(2011) REE and Stable Isotope Constraints on Formation of Metamorphic Quartz Veins: A Case Study from the Rhenish Massif (Germany)
Wagner T, Boyce A & Erzinger J

(2011) Anthropogenically Induced Changes in Groundwater Flow Regimes in Shallow High Arsenic Aquifers: Evidence from 3H and 14C Data
Lawson M, Ballentine C, Polya D, Bryant C & Boyce A

(2011) Minor Elements in Layered Sphalerite Record Fluid Origin in the Giant Navan Zn-Pb Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Menuge JF, Kronz A, Barrie CD & Boyce AJ

(2011) Causes and Consequences of Zn, Fe and S Isotope Fractionation in a Large Hydrothermal System: The Navan Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Boyce A, Barrie C, Menuge J & Blakeman R

(2010) The Zn-Pb-(Ag) Epithermal Mineralization of Mazarrón (Spain) a Preliminary Isotope Study
Esteban I, Carrillo FJ, Morales S, Velasco F, Yusta I & Boyce A

(2010) Provenancing Arsenic Release and Organic Matter in Shallow Groundwaters of South and South East Asia
Lawson M, Ballentine C, Polya D, Bryant C & Boyce A

(2009) Geochemistry of the Zn-Pb-Cu-(Ag)-(Au) Epithermal Deposits from San José (SE Spain)
Esteban I, Boyce A, Carrillo-Rosua J, Morales-Ruano S, Velasco F & Yusta I

(2009) Isotopic Investigation into the Role of Surface Waters in Promoting Arsenic Release in Bengali Groundwaters
Lawson M, Ballentine C, Polya D, Zhou Z, Smith K, Boyce A, Chatterjee D, Majumder S & Biswas A

(2009) Bacteriogenic and Magmatic S Sources in the Cabildo Cu District (Chile)
Moreno-Rodriguez V, Carrillo-Rosua J, Morales-Ruano S, Morata D & Boyce A

(2008) Variable H and O Isotopes in Tongan Basaltic Glasses: Source or Degassing?
Dale CW, Macpherson CG, Boyce AJ, Nowell GM, Pearson DG & Arculus RJ

(2008) Sulphide Isotope Stratigraphy Through the Scottish Neoproterozoic: Links to Global Glaciations and Ocean Sulphate Content
Lowry D, Grassineau N & Boyce A

(2006) Origin of fluids in the shallow geothermal environment of Savo, Solomon Islands
Smith DJ, Jenkin GRT, Boyce AJ, Naden J & Petterson MG

(2004) Evolution of Sulphide Mineralization in Ferrocarbonatite, NW Namibia: Constraints from Sulphur Isotopes
Drüppel K, Wagner T & Boyce A

(2004) Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction by Hydrocarbons in an Evaporate-Carbonate Reservoir, Ørn Formation, Upper Palaeozoic, Barents Sea
Nielsen J, Boyce A, Elvebakk G & Hanken N

(2000) Silicification, Advanced-Argillic and Porphyry-Style Alteration in Basalts, South Shetland Island Volcanic Arc: Formation from Geothermal, Magmatic-Hydrothermal and Intrusive Systems
Willan RC, Boyce AJ & Fallick AE

(2000) Stable-Isotopic Investigation of Plutons Intruded at High, Polar, Latitudes during the Mesozoic: Low-18O Melts or Interactions with Light Polar Waters?
Willan RC, Boyce AJ & Fallick AE

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