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All abstracts by John R. Bowman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Micron-Scale Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Metabasalt Zircon: A Robust History of Crustal Fluid Flow during Crustal Growth
Bowman J, Hilber M, Moser D, Valley J, Mazdab F & Wooden J

(2013) Geometry of Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Exchange Fronts in the Alta Aureole, Utah: Records of Hydrodynamic Dispersion and Scale-Dependent Permeability during Infiltration-Driven Metamorphism
Bowman J

(2011) Isotopically-Zoned Zircons: Records of Fluid/Melt Flow in the Lower Crust, Kapuskasing Uplift
Bowman J, Moser D, Valley J, Wooden J, Kita N & Mazdab F

(2010) Preservation vs. Alteration of Zircon Pb, O Isotope and Trace Elements Following 80 Ma of Lower Crustal Metamorphism, Kapuskasing Uplift
Bowman J, Moser D, Wooden J, Valley J & Kita N

(2009) Tracking Fluid/Melt Flow in the Lower Crust Using Zircon Isotopic (Pb, O) Zoning, Kapuskasing Uplift
Moser DE, Bowman JR, Valley JW, Wooden JL, Kita NT & Mazdab FK

(2008) Cathodoluminescence (CL), Isotopic (Pb, O) and Trace Element Zoning in Lower Crustal Zircon Documents Growth of Early Continental Lithosphere
Bowman J, Moser D, Wooden J, Valley J, Mazdab F & Kita N

(2007) Crystal Size Distribution (CSD) of Periclase in Marbles from the Southern Adamello Massif, Italy
Müller T, Baumgartner L, Foster T & Bowman J

(2005) Effects of Reaction Kinetics on Mixed Volatile (CO<->2<$>-H<->2<$>O) Decarbonation Reactions in Contact Aureoles
Bowman J & Huang S

(2004) What can Oxygen Isotope `sides´ say About Fluid Flow in Heterogenous Metamorphic Aquifers: Insights from the Alta Stock Aureole, Utah, USA
Bowman J

(2002) Trends of 13C-18O Depletion in Metacarbonate Rocks: Records of Hydrodynamic Dispersion during Infiltration-Driven Metamorphism?
Bowman J

(2002) Modeling the Effects of Reaction Kinetics, Diffusion-Dispersion, and Fluid Infiltration on Mixed-Volatile (CO2-H2O) Metamorphic Reactions
Roselle GT, Bowman JR & Huang S

(2001) Patterns of Fluid Circulation Surrounding Cooling Plutons: The Influence of Surface Topography and Other Parameters
Roselle GT & Bowman JR

(2001) Stable Isotope Imaging of Metamorphic Paleoaquifers: Constraints on Timescales of Fluid Flow and Permeability Structure in the Alta Stock Thermal Aureole, Utah
Bowman JR

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