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All abstracts by Gabriel Bowen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Modeling ╬┤18Ow to Calculate Paleotemperatures from Deep Time Lacustrine Carbonates
Benavente C, Bowen G, Irmis R & Mancuso A

(2019) Plant Wax Integration and Transport from the Mississippi River Basin to the Gulf of Mexico Inferred from GIS-Enabled Isoscapes and Mixing Models
Suh YJ, Diefendorf A, Bowen G, Cotton J & Ju S-J

(2018) The Global Hydrological Cycle during Early Eocene Hyperthermals: O-Isotope and Other Constraints
Zachos J, Ballaron E, Harper D, Rush W, Babila T, Kiehl J, Bowen G, Kelly C, Kozdon R, Penman D & Huber M

(2017) Reconstructing Hydrologic Conditions in the Mississippi River Basin during the Last Interglacial
Suh YJ, Diefendorf A & Bowen G

(2015) Hydroclimatic Modulation of Continental Carbon Burial Through the PETM
Bowen G, Steimke A & Maibauer B

(2014) A Geostatistical Framework to Predict Strontium Isotopes Variations in Bedrock and Rivers
Bataille C, Brennan S, Hartmann J, Wooler M, Bowen G & Moosdorf N

(2014) Investigating Fire during the PETM Using Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Denis E, Foreman B, Maibauer B, Bowen G & Freeman K

(2010) Patterns and Pathways of H and O Isotope Incorporation in Keratin and Chitin
Bowen G, Nielson K, Cerling T & Ehleringer J

(2009) What Regulated Organic Carbon Preservation in Coastal Oceans Through the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?
Schneider-Mor A & Bowen GJ

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