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All abstracts by Dan McKenzie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Melt Inclusion Record of Mantle Source Heterogeneity Under Iceland
Maclennan J, Hauri E, Shimizu N, McKenzie D, Gronvold K, Kobayashi K, Kitagawa H & Nakamura E

(2017) Source Enrichment Processes Responsible for Isotopic Anomalies in Ocean Island Basalts
McKenzie D

(2017) The Geochemical Implications of Shear Wave Tomography
McKenzie D & Priestley K

(2004) Carbon Isotopic Evidence for Two-Component Mixing in the Iceland Mantle Source
Kelley K, Hauri E, Gronvold K & McKenzie D

(2002) The Dynamics of Melting beneath Theistareykir, Northern Iceland
Stracke A, Zindler A, Salters VJM, McKenzie D & Groenvold K

(2002) Carbon in the Icelandic Mantle: Constraints from Melt Inclusions
Hauri E, Grönvold K, McKenzie D & Shimizu N

(2002) Melt Generation beneath NE Iceland: Melting of a Seamount from the Iapetus Ocean
McKenzie D & Stracke A

(2001) Melt Generation and Movement beneath Theistareykir, N.E. Iceland
McKenzie D, Slater L, Gronvold K & Shimizu NN

(2000) Osmium Isotope Signatures of Picrites and Basalts from Theistareykir (North Iceland)
van der Zander I, Bruegmann G, Hofmann AW, McKenzie D & Mertz DF

(2000) Geochemical Variability in a Single Flow from NE Iceland
Maclennan J, McKenzie D, Hilton F & Gronvold K

(2000) Oxygen Isotope Variations in Recent Magnesian Lavas from Iceland's Northern Neovolcanic Zone
Eiler J, Kitchen N, Gronvold K, McKenzie D, Stracke A & Zindler A

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